How to Perform a No Comply Pressure Flip on a Skateboard

This article will teach you how to do a no-comply pressure flip on a skateboard.


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    Get the feet correctly positioned. Set up with your back foot off the tail of the board with just your big toe in the pocket. This is exactly the same position as the regular pressure flip. This trick is almost all in the big toe of back foot, so this step is pretty important.
    • Your front foot can be wherever it is comfortable, perhaps just under the bolts at an angle. Make sure your heel is hanging off as it makes it easier to get the "no comply" part down more easily.
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    Do the trick. When you're rolling and you feel ready to execute the trick, position your feet as described in the step above. If you're not used to pressure flips, it will feel really awkward at first because your back foot should be at a weird angle.
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    Slide your front foot off the board onto the ground and plant it there. This causes the board to pop, either vertically or diagonally if your back foot is in the correct position. When the board pops, scoop under and push forward with your back foot. Remember, only your big toe should be used to pop the board, the rest of your back foot should be off. This doesn't require much effort, just a little nudge.
    • Since your front foot is on the floor, the jump is pretty simple. Once you scoop the board jump up with your back foot and wait for it to do a full rotation, it should spin like an inward heel flip.
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    Get the landing sorted. When you're ready to land, jump up with your front foot (slightly later than your back foot, which jumps as soon as it has scooped). It's a front foot catch, so just hop on and ride away. Your back foot should land nicely on the back bolts.
    • You may land sketchy a lot to start with, but that's more likely down to the scoop or the push.


  • Remember to slide your front foot off the side which will cause the board to pop. It's one motion, not two.
  • At the same time, don't scoop too lightly, or you'll either get a weird shove-it or you'll be credit carded.
  • Don't scoop too hard, otherwise you'll be chasing the board as it spins out of control and rolls away into the night.
  • Don't try to do this trick over gaps. You won't get enough air.
  • The board should flip vertically between your legs and be caught with the front foot, a lot like the inward heel flip.
  • Lean forward a lot, this helps get the board in front of you and avoid credit carding yourself.
  • It helps to know the regular pressure flip and understand the concept of no comply before attempting this. You won't need to land regular no complies, just know how to do them.


  • Don't lean backwards or you're coming off.
  • Wear safety gear such as helmets if you're a beginner.
  • Remember your back foot jumps as soon as it's done its job, otherwise the outcome could be painful!

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