How to Perform a Humorous Duo in Speech Class

Not sure what to do this speech season? There's still time! Grab a friend, because it's time to fill the air with laughter.


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    Talk to your English teacher/speech coach about joining Humorous Duo. If it is available, join it. Make sure you have a partner.
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    Look through scripts. You can look at the scripts provided, or check online. You can use a script from a funny skit, sketch, book, movie, anything!
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    Once you have found a piece you like, read through it. If you and your partner think you should do it, start cutting it. Cut parts out, re-arrange, and edit the script so that it fits your needs.
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    Start practicing. The speech needs to be 7 minutes long. Time yourselves.
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    Once you have it down, perform it. At speech meets, go to the Humorous Duo section and wait for your turn. Once you are ready, go up.
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    Start with a quick excerpt, then provide your own written introduction. You are required to write your own introduction.
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    Do not look at each other. Angle towards your partner, but never look at him/her. That is an automatic disqualification. In scene transitions/character changes (you or your partner may be required to perform multiple characters), slide across, switching places (again, not looking at each other).
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    Give your conclusion, and sit down. Once the round is over, you may leave.


  • Bring proof of your piece. For example, if you did an excerpt of a book, bring the book. If you did a scene from a movie, bring the movie! This is to ensure that you aren't just making something up. If you can't provide the proof, print out a copy of the original script to act as proof (your coach will have to check to vouch for you).
  • Be sure to check the timer to see how much time is left.
  • Dress in formal dress clothes.
  • Stare directly at the judges while delivering the conclusion.
  • Try to use different voices for different characters.


  • You will be timed.
  • Do not dress in casual clothing.
  • Never enter/leave a room while someone is performing.
  • Do not look at each other while performing.
  • Do not look at the script too much.
  • You cannot perform without proof.

Things You'll Need

  • Formal clothes
  • Script
  • Proof

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