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Have you slowly gathered clothing from the decades in a variety of colours only to find that you never seem to have anything original to wear? Capsule wardrobe time!


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    Empty your wardrobe onto the largest unoccupied space you can access easily. Filter through it and assess each item: Is it damaged? - holes under the arms, elastic fraying etc. Does it fit? - too small, too big or just not tailored right etc. Do I ever see myself wearing this? - obscene pattern, sixties style etc. Put these to one side to donate to charity (If they are still usable) or to throw (If they are beyond saving)
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    Separate your clothes into the following categories: Tops (dresses), Bottoms, Jumpers and Jackets, Underwear, Shoes, Other. These categories should cover everything. Now most women find they have a lot of the items needed for a capsule wardrobe, but you may have to add a few things to your wish-list.
    • Note - in the lists, 'colour' refers to anything that isn't white (Or beige or cream etc) OR Black (Or navy or dark brown etc). The Colour is usually a bright colour and can be patterned if you like - and they don't all have to be the same colour! (But please use your common sense, don't make half of them lime green and half neon orange, try to match them)
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    Tackle the tops - you should have the following:
    • Tank tops in white, black and colour.
    • T-shirts in white, black and colour
    • Long sleeved T-shirts in white black and colour
    • Button down shirts in white and colour - think office work space.
    • A dressier shirt in a colour - think ruffles, texture or patterns.
    • An 'any occasion' top - you know the one. Shouldn't be a T-shirt or shirt but is you well loved best friend.
    • A daytime dress - summer time, on the beach, in the park dress
    • A cocktail dress - normally knee length, coloured
    • A Little Black Dress
    • A 'ball gown' dress - Think 'I've been invited to the opera by the queen in twenty minutes, I need something to wear' should almost certainly be ankle length.
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    Brace yourself for Bottoms:
    • A black or dark coloured suit - Should match each other, but not necessarily worn together at all times.
    • A pair of standard jeans - Normally straight leg or bootcut
    • A pair of dressier jeans - Maybe in a colour, skinny, flared etc.
    • Two pairs of smart black trousers - Your new best friends. Love them.
    • Alternative trousers, not jeans - Khaki's, linen trousers.
    • A smart black skirt - whatever suits your shape, pencil? A line?
    • Alternative skirt - Handkerchief, patterned, coloured?
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    Rejoice for Jumpers and Jackets
    • Neutral-colored sweater - aka jumper
    • A cardigan in black and one in coloured - a very effective way to look feminine and jazz up an ordinary outfit.
    • A tailored blazer - basically a suit jacket but often textured.
    • A graphic sweater - Think big, fluffy, having a bad day and need comfort.
    • A Trench or other long coat - should be knee length of longer to keep your bum warm!
    • A waterproof coat - For nasty days
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    Underwear warnings! More importantly than anything, they should fit properly and be in a good condition. No hanging elastic or ladders please!
    • Several pairs of knickers in a variety of colours - suitable styles.
    • Several bra's including a T-shirt bra in both white, neutral and black - again, suitable styles for your tops.
    • Several pairs of socks - including supportive sport socks.
    • Many tights in neutral and black. Possibly in colour if desired. - Now please throw them out as soon as they get holes or ladders, unless the holes or ladders are in a place covered by your other clothes and are small enough to tackle with a spot of nail varnish.
    • Socks for pumps (in suitable colours)[They are made of tight material but only just slip around your foot, aka Popsocks] - wearing pumps without Popsocks or tights is unhygienic.
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    Start on the Shoes (You're not, by any means limited to just these so don't worry!):
    • Good quality black pumps - And polish them regularly to make them last!
    • Comfy, smart shoes - Think office work, closed toe, will go with a suit shoes.
    • Black, heeled shoes - for classier evenings out.
    • Supportive trainers - jogging, sporty, shopping days.
    • 'Hard work' shoes - should be very supportive and sturdy. Think hiking shoes, gardening shoes etc.
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    Obsess over the others:
    • A selection of scarves, wooly and silk, in a variety of colours for all sorts of occasions
    • Hair pieces - headbands, berets, flowers etc as well as your other hair pieces.
    • Consider multiple pairs of glasses, if you wear them and can afford it.
    • Amongst other jewelry, a pair of plain gold/silver studs and a gold/silver chain watch. These are essentials for the workplace and make any woman look refined in the ability to be glamorous but not showy.
    • A selection of nail polishes and Nail polish remover. There is nothing worse than a wonderfully dressed woman. . . with chipped and unkempt nails.
    • A handbag. You know you need one, and you know what you need to keep in it. Adjust accordingly.
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    Done! Now, these are just guidelines. Please remember though that a lot of these items brought cheaply are often as good a quality as designer versions. And for a lot of the plain items - no one will be able to tell the difference.


  • Re-assessing your wardrobe every season change is a good opportunity to add and edit your clothes.
  • Sew up holes asap to keep clothes wearable!


  • You might need to tackle this over several days!

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