How to Pay a Traffic Ticket in Wisconsin

After you receive a traffic citation in the state of Wisconsin, your options for resolution are limited. You have the choice to either pay the ticket in full, go to court, or attend traffic school if you have too many driving points on your record. If you choose to fight the traffic citation, you will participate in a trial overseen by a judge. The judge will decide if you are guilty. If so, you will pay the citation fees at that time. If you choose to pay the ticket instead of have a trial, follow these steps to pay a traffic ticket in Wisconsin.


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    Decide if you want to fight the traffic citation in a court trial. If you believe you didn't commit the traffic offense you can attend a court trial and argue against the citation.
    • Look at the traffic citation for the court date. Whether you received the written citation in the mail or at the time you were pulled over for the offense, the court date will be on the citation. The court date is the date of your trial.
    • Reschedule the court date if you can't appear. Do not ignore the court appearance. If you can't appear on the date that's on the citation, contact the court as soon as possible to reschedule your trial date.
    • Retain an attorney to appear for you if you can't appear and you don't want to pay the fine. Because the traffic citation is an infraction, you don't have to appear in court if an attorney appears on your behalf.
    • Prepare to pay for the citation on the date of your trial. If you prevail in your trial, you won't have any fines or fees. If you lose, you are expected to pay for the citation immediately after the judge makes the decision.
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    Pay the citation amount through the mail. If you don't want to fight the ticket in court, you can pay the full amount of the ticket by putting a check or money order in the mail.
    • Make sure the full payment is received prior to the court date for the trial. The address and amount owed will be on the ticket. If you fail to make payment arrangements with the court and don't make the payment before the court date, your personal appearance is required.
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    Set up traffic school if you are eligible. Wisconsin doesn't give you the option of taking traffic school unless the traffic citation will suspend your driver's license for having too many points on your driving record.
    • Read the notice that accompanies the traffic citation for traffic school options. If your driving privileges are in danger of being suspended, you will receive a letter telling you what your options are. If you don't receive a letter, you aren't eligible for traffic school.
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    Attend your court date or make arrangements to pay the fine. If you don't appear and don't take care of paying the citation, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

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