How to Pass the 11th and 12th Grade in Nepal

Nepal is one of the countries situated in the South Asia . It’s an underdeveloped/developing country and due to the political instability in the country, the education policies are not kept up to date. Students of Nepal often have a hard time completing 11th and 12th grade (+2 education) with the pass percentage below 50%. This happens because in Nepal, 11th grade course is hard as the basic learning for 11th grade are not taught in 10th grade. In this article you’ll learn not only how to pass the 11th and 12th grade in Nepal but also pass them with flying colors. Read along.


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    Start the plan. In Nepal, after completing the 10th grade (SLC level) you’re allowed to join the 11th and 12th grade. So all you have to do is pass the SLC examination by the end of grade 10. It’ll be much helpful to you if you pass the examination with a distinction (80% or above). The SLC exam is pretty easy if you know the basics of grade 10.
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    Join Bridge Courses. After the SLC exam you’ll probably be given 3 months off. In this time, most of the students just pass their time doing nothing. You can join a bridge course where you’ll learn all the basic concepts which you’ll later have to learn in the 11th grade. It is also a good place to make new friends too. There are tons of Bridge Course Institutions in Nepal because of which you’ll have a hard time to find the perfect institution for you. For this you can ask the elder brothers and sisters who have done this course.
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    Buy Study Materials. If you’re too lazy to go to the Bridge Course or don’t want to offer much time out there you can buy some study materials. You can either go to a Bridge Course Institution and buy their books or straight away buy some book for the 11th grade. Now all you have to do is start study those books.
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    Join a good college. In Nepal there are tons of colleges everywhere. Since the government is unstable, some business people have opened up private colleges just to earn money without giving quality education. So you’ll have to find some well reputed and good colleges like St. Xaviers Maitighar, Rato Bangla College, etc. But joining these colleges will be hard as many students will be competing for a limited number of seats. So you’ll have to take an entrance examination to get accepted there. To overcome this all you have to do is revise all the stuffs that you studied in 8th, 9th and the 10th grade as most of the (multiple-choice) questions will be asked from there. You can also join a Bridge Course (Entrance Preparation Course) to get accepted there.
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    Keep it up. Now that you've joined a good college it’s time to keep up your performance level. Always study and do your homework as teachers will also evaluate you on these points. Don’t forget to join other extra-curriculum activities too. Do well in exams.
    • Don’t Stress out. In the 11th grade of Nepal, the students have a hard time understanding the concepts because of the acceleration of education level without filling up the gaps. This may give you a lot of pressure. But don’t get into this and just deal with it. It’;s true that you’ll not understand a couple of topics for which you can do a quick search on Google to learn the concepts.
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    Do well in exams. This is the most important part. It’s true that a person needs to be very talented. But in this age of competition, people don’t look at your talents but they rather look at your scores and marks to give you jobs. So it’s very vital for you to earn some good marks in every exams. To lean about how to do well in exams you can just search an article related to it in wikiHow here itself.


  • You can also visit the 'Education Expo' that occurs annually in Nepal (in the holidays after the 10th grade) to learn more about colleges.
  • You can also opt for scholarship if you've done well in 10th grade. Many colleges offer up to 100% scholarship for very good students.
  • Don't be afraid to raise hands and ask a question to the teacher.
  • You can consult to your elder brother and sisters in choosing the colleges.
  • It's also very important to make good friends. Bad students mean bad company and bad company means you're doomed.
  • Join tuition classes if you're having difficulties in learning.
  • Please consult your parents on which college to join.
  • Do well in exams.


  • Many student commit suicide in this grade after failing the exams. If you've failed an exams, don't worry there will be another chance.
  • If the college doesn't have a good library, or a lab, don't join the college.
  • Watch out from those colleges that don't offer quality education.
  • Don't get into drugs or bad habits. Many student become worse in this grade in this age.
  • Don't worry if you've failed the main exam in the 11th grade, you won't have to repeat the grade from 11th grade.
  • Never cheat in exams. Some colleges are very strict about this.

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