How to Pass a Learner's Permit Written Test

Learner's permits are usually DMV (or equivalent)-issued cards that gives one limited driving privileges, in order to (as the name implies) learn to drive. Generally, depending on the location, there is a vision and/or knowledge test that one must pass before having a permit issued. This article will explain how to pass the written knowledge test.


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    Download an app. Many places will have an app that, among other things, has practice quizzes that simulate real questions from the test, including questions about certain situations, the meaning of road signs, what to do in an emergency, making decisions, and the like. This is the method that tends to require the least effort.
    • Many times, these apps are free or cost less than $3. One doesn't need to spend money to pass, however.
    • You should take a practice test at least two to four months before you're eligible to take the test. Use the feedback from the test to learn from your mistakes.
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    Get the Driving Handbook. Again, depending on the location, the handbook can be available in digital or audio form, or you can purchase a paper copy for $20 or less.
    • This method is helpful because all the information is there in the book. It delineates every law, regulation, and situation. However, it can be overwhelming for some, since it can be quite dense.
    • You may want to use the handbook to take notes or make flashcards.
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    Ask a family member or friend who already knows how to drive to help you familiarize yourself with a car. While this is optional since most areas don't require a practical road test, it may assist you in understanding how driving works, which can be helpful if the test has questions on the layout or function of the car.
    • This person may also be able to quiz you on information covered on the test.
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    Know how the test will be administered. In some areas, they may have you answer the questions on a computer, while in others it may be written on paper.
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    Use any extra time you have before you take the test to study. You may be waiting for half an hour or more for your exam, and it might help if you do some last-minute review. Do not use this time to cram, however.


  • Don't leave it till the last minute. Start studying at least a few weeks before your test or earlier.
  • Be confident when you take the test, if you know the information then you should be fine. Try not to stress.


  • If you don't pass, you may need to wait several months and pay any fees a second time.
  • Make sure you study, as some questions are not obvious.

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