How to Party Green

People love to party. People want to help save the planet. So you want to throw a green party. But that doesn't mean moving everyone out as soon the sun starts to go down or buying pricey organic snacks. Read on to learn how to throw your party the green way.


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    Limit the party to the downstairs. Before the party starts, turn off all of the lights in those rooms. You wouldn't want to be powering rooms that aren't being used, would you? To keep party-goers from going upstairs, tell them that the top floor is under renovation and it's unsafe to go up. To make this a little more believable, bring some sleeping bags and personal items downstairs.
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    Turn off or unplug all unnecessary appliances. This helps eliminate the amount of vampire power being used. (Vampire power is the power that appliances consume when they are hibernating or off.) That would include microwaves, blenders, coffee makers, televisions, computers, lamps and clocks. If you have a stereo system, by all means keep that plugged in, you'll need that for the next step.
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    Adjust the stereo system's volume accordingly. Making the music too loud will use up more more energy then if it was adjusted properly. You should adjust it so that it can be heard twenty-five meters away, and it should be just above normal speech level.
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    Keep a trashcan in every room. This will cut down on the amount of debris floating around, and the possibility of it floating outside to harm the environment.
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    Serve the food you have. If you drive to the store, you're polluting the environment. If you're a bachelor/bachelorette and have no food available, walk or ride your bike to the store.
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    During the daylight and dusk, turn off all of the lights. The sun doesn't need help illuminating your hoedown. If you have a dimmer switch, use it. You never need the lights up more than fifty percent.
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    For drinks, put out some cheap disposable cups and have people fill up from the tap. Millions of plastic bottles and cups end up in our rivers and oceans each year.
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    Enlist a clean up crew. This will help stop trash from escaping. It doesn't have to be everyone, just a few people.


  • You might want to hide any treasured family artifacts
  • Buy munchies in big, family sized bags instead of the individual sized bags.
  • Have your friends bring some of the food.


  • Don't go overboard and have a 'lights out' party, you'll drive people away.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. It's better to be prepared.

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