How to Participate in the Seasonal Quality Camp

Two Methods:JudgesParticipants

The Seasonal Quality Camp is a wikiHow quality raiser that is held each season break. Here's how to participate.

Method 1

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    When a participant adds their name to the list, Admins/NABs can contact them and tell them that they are their judge. Send them a kind message, telling them you are their judge, give them a list of the Quality Quests, and ask them which they would like to do first. Tell them to get back to you when they're done with their quest.
    • Keep the page of users on your watch list or your MyLinks so you can check up on it easily.
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    After they are done with their quest, go to their contributions and check the edits. If you feel the quest was accomplished, add points to this page with their quest, and the points awarded:
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    When you are done adding points, message them, and tell them they can move on to another quest; give them one until all of the quests are complete. If they complete all of them with all of the points, then award them with the Seasonal Quality Champ award.

Method 2

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    Sign up for the Seasonal Quality Camp here.
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    Wait for a judge to contact you on your talk page.
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    Tell the judge what quest you'd like to do first, then do it. You can gain extra points for doing an extra good edit.
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    Tell them you are done with your quest. They will review it, and tell you if you get the points. They will then assign you the rest of the quests. If you complete all of the quests, and get the needed amount of points, then you will be awarded with the Seasonal Quality Champ award.


  • If a participant hasn't done a Quality Quest edit in 36 hours, message them on their talk page and remind them about their quest.
  • If you don't think a quest was deserving of the points, kindly coach them and let them try again.
  • If you have more than one person judging, feel free to add someone else, but if another judge doesn't have a participant, message them and tell them that someone needs a judge.
  • If you are a participant, go beyond the call of duty with an article's edit. If you are editing an article and categorizing, then add an image or a related wikiHow if they are needed.
    • Judges, be open-minded in awarding extra points; especially if an edit is exceptional.
  • Award the participants extra points if you feel they are deserving.
  • The participants have the choice of doing each quest two times.


  • It is the admins and New Article Boosters' job to get to a participant as soon as you can. Please make sure that you know if you're paired with someone, to send them a talk page message, and if you aren't, to check the list of users and judge a participant.

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