How to Park a Toyota Prius

Driving a Toyota Prius is fun. But when you need to park, it may look challenging. Battling other cars nearby, and even trying to decide whether or not it's feasible, could draw your attention away from not parking the Prius in the particular spot. This article will give you some steps to use to accomplish this task. Begin at Step 1 below to begin learning the common task that every Prius owner needs to know.


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    Drive your Prius, much like the way you would drive any other car. Turn on your turn signal when you are ready to park.
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    Look at the type of maneuver you'll need to complete, in order to park your vehicle. Will this parking space best be suited to need to be parallel-parked or does your Prius need to be parked in a parking space in a parking lot?
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    Determine if the space is big enough to park your vehicle. Mentally ask yourself: Is the space big enough to accommodate your vehicle? The Prius is considered to be the same size as a midsize-car, but can be a little weird to judge if you just bought the car recently.
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    Recognize whether there are any obstacles you must avoid in your driving path. Look for snow, rain, hail/sleet and puddles of water. These may force you to stop or slow your speed sooner than normal into a space.
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    Look at what type of grade your car is in. Downgrades or upgrade hills can cause you to find other places to park. Use the car's parking brake if you feel that the car might roll away from its parking space later.
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    Turn on your turn signal in the direction of the spot you wish to park in. Do this if you come up from behind the spot at no more than five miles per hour.
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    Activate and use the Intelligent ParkAssist feature. Do this if you are trying to parallel park the vehicle. Unless you are more accurate than your vehicle's sensors, try allowing Intelligent ParkAssist to help you parallel park your Prius.
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    Use the knowledge you obtained from a Driver's Ed class in school, or use time spent parking other cars. Use this when parking the Prius the "old fashioned way". The Prius is an automatic hybridized transmission-styled (CV) automobile, and all steps that apply with other cars, apply with the Prius.
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    Utilize all three mirrors on your car if you are forced to back into a spot. Backing into a spot is tricky, and with the price of the Prius being as high or more as it is, you want to avoid disfiguring and breaking your car's bumper system.
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    Finish up your maneuver.

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