How to Panhandle Online

This is a guide to show you how to make a few extra dollars from the internet. If you're feeling bold, try making an internet Panhandling website to beg for contributions! Not everyone will "get" where you're coming from, but it might just be worth a shot!


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    Get a web presence. You can use a blog, a page on a site like Kickstarter (if you follow their guidelines), or build your own site.
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    Figure out how you'll receive funds. A free PayPal account is one of the easiest ways.
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    Create a story that grabs donor's attention! Be honest and funny! Try engaging your readers by explaining why you need the money and what great use you'll put it to.
    • Maybe even add some flash games for free to entertain your visitors. Your visitors are tipping for the entertainment value you provide.
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    Add a donation button from your PayPal to the page.
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    Try to get readers. Optimize your site so that people can find it in search engines, and use social media to your advantage to get more viewers. Chances are, most people who stumble upon your page won't donate, so you'll need a very wide audience in order to make money. If you have a good cause, keep at it!


  • Be honest, be funny, be creative. The money may seem free but to create the web page and keep donors updated on what you have collected is work. They are paying to be entertained.
  • Send an individual thank you email to all donors (donations are NOT tax deductible to the donor).
  • Update your page; let philanthropists know they are making a difference.
  • Depending on where you're listing your site, you may be able to use advertisers or affiliate programs for a little extra money. Google AdSense is one possibility


  • Don't put your address on the page.
  • Don't accept checks.
  • All money made is to be treated as income and filed as such on your taxes.
  • Spam is illegal and you should never resort to spamming your site, instead build a reputation by having an interesting and interactive site.
  • Make sure internet panhandling is not against any local or national laws in the country you live in.

Things You'll Need

  • A web site
  • A PayPal account

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