How to Pamper Your Pet Rat

Do you just love your pet rat? Or maybe you just got one and would love for it to just love you and think of you every second of the day! Do you know pet rat's just want to be pampered? It's true!


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    First, start by giving it a treat. A slice of carrot, some cereal, fruit, etc.
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    Clean it's cage every four days. This will make it clean, your room smell better, and the chance to switch up the stuff and make it so much more interesting for your pet rat(s).
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    Everyday, at least once, take your rat out and just give it a kiss and tell him/her that you love them. They will appreciate the attention.
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    When you can, clean off a table top or an area were you can set your sweet rat down to play and just play or cuddle it but make sure you allow them to sniff out the area so they feel comfortable.
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    Always give them fresh food and water EVERYDAY!!!! This is important so that your food doesn't make them sick from getting moldy or urinated on and keep the water healthy.
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    Remember you rat is your buddy and should always be treated so.


  • Rats are very smart. You can teach them tricks by giving them a treat every time you want them to do something. It may take your patience but they will learn eventually.
  • Let them roam! It will train them not to run, builds trust and allows them to have more fun.
  • Try toilet training them by getting some cat litter in a little potty box and daily scooping the droppings into the potty box so they begin to understand that is the place for them to potty in.
  • Try this food serving in the morning to help your rat have something yummy to snack on: Sunflower seeds, scrambled eggs, cut up carrots, sliced celery, cereal, peanuts, and torn up bread. Please note that if you allergic to any of these items, DO NOT use them simply skip the item(s).


  • Do not feed any foods your ratty friend(s) are allergic to.
  • Do not be harsh to your rat friend.
  • Never scold your rat for not going in the potty. They are rats so they will learn.

Things You'll Need

  • Changing cage
  • Cat litter
  • Bedding newspaper
  • food
  • water
  • toys
  • a hideaway box.

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