How to Pack Your Jewelry for a Move

Two Parts:Packing your NecklacesPacking Your Earrings and Rings

When moving people usually have a systematic plan in packing clothes, shoes, books and furniture. But when it comes to jewelry things can become slightly messy if not properly stored and organized. Here you'll find various packing tips for traveling or moving your jewelry so that they get to their destination safe and sound and not a tangled madhouse.

Part 1
Packing your Necklaces

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    Place chain necklaces in plastic drinking straws. This method only works for chain necklaces. Unclasp the necklace, take the straw and thread one end all the way through, meet and secure the necklace clasps (for larger bulkier pieces using a toilet roll is a great alternative).
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    Use plastic sealing wraps. Place one sheet of Press N Seal on a flat surface, place your necklaces on the sheet and cover the top with another sheet and seal it down.
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    Use plastic bags (such as Zip Lock). This method works best with mini zip lock bags. Place your necklace in the plastic bag, bring the closed clasps of your necklace to the top so it's hanging out. Pinch the zip lock bag so that the rest of the necklace is secure.
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    Use a pouch and box. For more delicate chains and necklaces, placing them in a padded pouch, box or both is most suitable. If your pouch and box is not padded you can utilize bubble wrap, paper towel, cotton pads, etc.. For extra protection place your fragile necklace in a pouch and then in a jewelry box for stability.
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    Use a travel towel or placemat. Place a small towel or placemat on a flat surface, laying your necklaces on the towel or placemat in evenly spaced increments. Carefully roll one end to the other. Secure by tying with a sturdy string/tie/rope.

Part 2
Packing Your Earrings and Rings

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    Use an egg carton. Have a clean carton on hand. Place your rings and earring pairs in separate cups of the carton. If you're worried about your earrings moving around in the cup you can utilize buttons. Just insert the earrings in the button holes to keep the pair together. For added protection, you can fill the cups with some kind of cushion (e.g. cotton, pieces of bubble wrap, paper towel). Close the carton.
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    Use a pill box/case or bead storage box. This method works the same for either box or case. Arrange your accessories and place your rings and earrings separately in each compartment. This keeps your jewelry stored neatly.
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    Use a hard sunglasses/glasses case. This works best as a ring carrier. Just store all your rings into the case. For added protection and to keep your rings from bumping into each other, risking scratches, secure your rings by wrapping each one with paper towels, wrapping paper or packing paper.


  • Now that you're all packed up, remember to keep your most valuable and meaningful pieces with you during the transportation of your jewelry.


  • Although these methods should suffice and keep your jewelry safe during transportation, you may want to invest in a jewelry traveling box, case or roll for your most sentimental and prized pieces.

Things You'll Need


  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Plastic sealing wraps
  • Plastic bags
  • Pouch and box
  • Travel towel/placemat

Rings and Earrings:

  • Egg carton
  • Pill box/case
  • Bead storage box
  • Hard sunglasses/glasses case

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