How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping

Shipping and moving expensive materials and gifts from one place to another involves certain risks of damage or breakage to the items. However, with few sensible packaging ideas, we can achieve protection for the materials, as inefficient packaging is the commonest reason behind broken or damaged goods during shipment. Let us see how to pack fragile items for shipping to ensure their safe journey.


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    Select the right size of box: The first thing to keep in mind is the right selection of the box in respect to its size and thickness. For heavy, large or brittle items choose a box which fits the item perfectly. However, make sure you have enough space inside it to provide proper cushioning to the item.
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    Make the goods face the right way: Depending upon the nature and edges of the item, make sure to face your goods the right way. Certain items need to placed upright, while some items require to be laid down in the box.
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    Tie the items tightly: In case you are shipping pieces of glass or a set inside the box, make sure to tie up the pieces tightly together, so that they do not move or slant, which may cause breakage.
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    Use proper cushioning methods. Use protective packaging cushions available in the market such as, Styrofoam pellets, packaging peanuts, bubble wraps, air cushions, cardboard pieces etc. Choose the cushioning material carefully according to the size, fragility and weight of your object.
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    Wrap the items properly: Wrap and cover the object efficiently and fill up the void inside the packaging box with more packaging materials like loose fills, foams and so on.
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    Use the tape efficiently: Pack and wrap the entire packaging box with thick and wide tapes to ensure completion of the packaging process.
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    Make the address look clearly visible: Make sure to write the destination address in large bold letters and paste it in the most visible/large side of the box. Cover the surface of address label with transparent tape to prevent the ink from getting smudged.


  • While packing a bottle of liquid, it is advisable to use a lot of Styrofoam peanuts, as it helps the bottles from breakage and leakage of liquids.
  • Fragile materials need extra cushioning. Hence, make sure to use the best quality packaging solutions for the same and purchasing the materials from reputed manufacturers and shops can make a difference
  • It is not preferable to use metal staples while packaging as the same can rip through the cardboard and can damage the exterior of the box.


  • Extra care in packaging should be taken while shipping hazardous materials, and it's a good idea to use extra amount of packaging materials, lest the materials cause hazards to people handling them.
  • While packaging perishables, it is important to mention or include a mention of it on the box about what is it carrying. This helps to find and locate the items inside the box, if misplaced.

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