How to Pack for Your Overnight School Trip

Going on a school trip? It's no problem. Unless it's overnight. Then you have to pack pyjamas, clothes, hair products, toiletries, and more. It can get pretty confusing. Read on to find out how to pack.


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    Make sure you know everything about your trip. The phone number(s) of your hosting location, the address and even the email information are all important to get your hands on, and they're easy to find too.
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    Find out things that you may need to bring and things that are being supplied. Almost all the time you'll be sleeping in the same room as someone else, so remember to choose room-mates who are nice and trustworthy! If you don't get to choose your room-mates and it's someone you don't like, just keep to your side, or try to get along! You don't want fighting ruining a great memory.
    • Most of the time you can bring a cell phone, so keep emergency numbers in your contacts. Don't forget your charger! You may need to bring a blanket, pillow and/or sleeping bag, so make sure it's warm! Don't forget your little teddy bear! Tell your parents everything about your trip, so they'll be reassured of your safety.
    • Create a check-list to help keep track of things you have, and things you need to purchase! Check the weather and the conditions so you know what to wear!
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    • Always make sure to check with teachers if it's okay to bring your iPod, MP3, cell phone etc. Some schools won't allow it, and it may be taken away until the trip is over.
    • A few days before look at the weather forecast for the days your trip is on. If the weather is rainy, you'll need to bring a poncho, some rubber boots and some old clothes that it doesn't matter if they get muddy or wet. If it's sunny, be sure to take sunglasses, sunscreen and lots of shorts and t-shirts. Also, always take sweaters and long pants (preferably not jeans). You never know when it might get cold outside. Bring a pair of good sneakers. And for pyjamas, bring some long pants and a few t-shirts. And always bring at least 2 extra pairs of socks and 3 extra pairs of underwear.
    • The most important thing to take with you is a suitcase. A duffel or a backpack is a good type of suitcase to bring, if your school is using a bus to get to your destination, because it is easier to fit into bus compartments. However, if you will be doing a bit of walking while carrying you suitcase, it is good to have something with wheels, so a rolling duffel or backpack would be the ideal bag in that case.
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    Bring everything -- everything. Soap, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, mouthwash, floss, body lotion/moisturizer, facial cleanser, bath puff, facial washcloth/rotating head, deodorant, perfume, facial moisturizer, pads/tampons, shaving cream, razors, hair products, 3 towels (at least), hair dryer, flat iron/curler, hair accessories, makeup (don't overdo it; just bb cream and mascara, or maybe a little more), sunscreen, tweezers, jewelry, medicine, nail files/clips, cotton swabs, bandages, baby powder, hand sanitizer, pain relievers, hairbrush, comb, lip balm, shower cap, tissues, allergy medication & more. A lot eh? It's much better to have more, than less.
    • For make-up, hair products, toiletries etc. bring them in a plastic bag. That way nothing will leak out all over the rest of your luggage. Pack one bottle of shampoo, conditioner if you'd like, a minimal amount of make-up, tampons/pads (even if you haven't started, just in case), a hair dryer if you're allowed, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste and whatever else you use to get ready. You can also transfer your toiletries into a travel size bottle.
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    For clothing, check the weather in the area you'll be spending time in! Have one outfit per day, plus one extra outfit, just in case. If it's only for a few days, you should only need one set of pajamas, but if luggage space isn't a problem, you can pack an extra set of PJs as well. Better safe than sorry! Pack rain boots or snow boots if it's fall, winter or spring. Don't forget the necessities! Panties, boxers, socks, bras, tank tops and more, try bringing a weeks worth! Always bring a pair (or 2) of stockings to wear under your sweatpants or jeans! It keeps you much warmer! Always bring a jacket, hats, scarves & gloves (if it's cold) for warmth! Bring an extra sweater, no matter what! Bring a swimsuit, just in case!
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    Know what you can, and can't, bring. Other things. Phones, MP3 players, cameras and iPods might or might not be allowed. Don't worry though! Your field trip will be tons of fun! Charge them the night before & buy extra batteries, you never know! Bring money, always! Bring at least 50 bucks if you know you're going to buy lunch! Don't forget teddy (again!)! Bring a water bottle (hopefully reusable!) Bring a bag for messy clothes! Don't forget your running shoes!
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    The night before, Double or triple check that you have anything & everything you need! Bring your binder & an extra pencil for anything you need to write down. Talk to your friends about saving you a seat! You don't want to end up with an enemy or a teacher! Plan early! Most kids love to sit at the back, so get to the front of the line first! Pack a snack if you get hungry! Set your alarm!
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    Behave. Obviously you can't act the way you act at home here (most of our behaviour is too ridiculous for anyone to see!). Sometimes, you might want to step up the class here (brushing your teeth every hour or combing your hair every minute). When you're eating, eat with manners & politely. Clean up after yourself, because if you're a slob in your room, no one will want to be your room-mate again! Play some minor pranks! Don't go over the top, because the teachers will catch you as your friends (or victims) may tattle! Stay neat. Wake up early all the time! Mum isn't here to wake you up! Also, set an alarm! Call your parents every night so they know you're okay! When showering, don't use all the warm water, otherwise your room mates may get really mad! Stay up all night if you want, but beware, you'll definitely be tired! Put all your valuables in a super safe spot!


  • Have fun! There's no point in spending all that money for a flight and clothes and not have fun!
  • See if there is a packing list available. It will make packing less of a stress.
  • Bring something entertaining and fun!
  • Charge all electronics before the trip. There's nothing worse than watching everyone listen to their iPods while your battery is dead. Bring the charger with you. Also, if your parents call or an emergency arises, you should have a phone handy.
  • Make sure you take your emergency items such as an umbrella or a first aid kit.
  • Always make sure you have something to do with you , like a book, a crossword puzzle, a notebook to write or draw, or so on.
  • Don't buy a whole new wardrobe for the trip! It may get ruined, so choose clothes you like but don't mind if something happens to them!
  • You can buy cheap but trendy clothes at thrift stores, if needed.
  • Don't pack something, if you know you won't actually need it.
  • Sometimes old clothes are better than new clothes! If you're going somewhere that's sure to be muddy, or get your clothes dirty in some way, make sure that you don't care if you have to throw them away. After all, you wouldn't want to ruin your favourite outfit so much that you'd have to toss it out, would you?
  • Don't bring a lot food because it will probably be provided. Bring a few snacks for you ( and maybe your friends) for the flight.
  • Abide by your school's dress code when choosing your clothes.
  • Bring old trainers, and try to make sure they aren't white. Getting new, white trainers muddy is never fun!
  • If you're planning on bringing make-up, don't overdo it too much. The most you should go for is bb cream, concealer, powder, something for brows and mascara. Just enough to make you feel confident in yourself, but not too much that you will be super worried about topping it up throughout the day.


  • Don't bring things you're not allowed to. You'll get caught and that will be no fun.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothing for different type of weather. It might change while you're there.
  • A suitcase
  • Sanitary pads (just in case)
  • Plastic bag (With toiletries in it)
  • Garbage bag for trash and dirty clothes
  • Deodorant
  • Electronics (If you're allowed to bring them take stuff like your Nintendo DS, iPod, etc)
  • Books
  • Food (if necessary)
  • Water bottle (refillable if possible)
  • Games (if you're with your friends)
  • Stuff you couldn't imagine living without (pillow, favorite stuffed animal, etc.)
  • Bras (If needed, Don't make yourself feel uncomfortable)
  • Chargers (If there are sockets that is)
  • Extra underwear, socks, shirts
  • Sleeping bag (if going camping outdoors)
  • Extra spending money (for souvenirs, snacks, meals, etc.)
  • Make-up (if wanted)
  • A camera (if allowed; to preserve your memories)

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