How to Pack for Rainy Weather

Whether you're taking a long or short trip, it's important to have the proper gear and clothes if rainy weather is an expected possibility. If you get wet and don't have a way to dry off, your trip can become a miserable experience. Use the following tips to learn how to pack for rainy weather, so you can be prepared in the event of a light drizzle or a sudden downpour.


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    Take a rain poncho, raincoat or other waterproof coat with you when traveling. It's even better if your coat has a hood, whether it's permanent or detachable. Coats like these are usually lightweight and pack well into any bag or suitcase. It's much more convenient to pack this item and not need it, than to not pack it and need it during your trip.
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    Consider taking a cap. Wearing a cap under a hood keeps the hood from covering your eyes and keeps some of the water from your face.
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    Bring waterproof shoes or shoe covers. These could be waterproof hiking boots, galoshes or rain boots. Make sure your shoes have good soles. If it's rainy on your trip, you may be walking on slippery surfaces. Also, bring extra socks with you. Having wet feet and no dry socks to change into can make you feel cold and uncomfortable.
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    Pack a spare umbrella. Umbrellas seem to be one of those accessory items that get easily lost or broken. Having an extra one with you will ensure that you have something that will help you to stay dry in rain storms and shaded when the sun is especially bright.
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    Include large, plastic bags to place wet clothes and shoes into when finished wearing them. By placing wet clothes into the plastic bags and separating them from the rest of the items in your luggage, you keep your dry clothes from getting wet.
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    Pick up smaller sealable, plastic bags to pack in your bag or suitcase. These smaller bags may be used while you are traveling to help protect your cell phone, camera or other electronic equipment. You can also put maps, tour materials and other items you wish to keep dry in them. While these bags may not be fashion-forward, they will help protect your belongings.
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    Bring clothes with you that you can layer. Often, during rainy weather temperatures may shift from cool to warm or warm to cool. If you layer your clothing, you can be comfortable regardless what Mother Nature throws your way during your trip.
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    Put an extra towel in your bag. This towel can help you to dry off if you are caught in a surprise rainstorm without your gear.

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