How to Pack for a Trip to London

London is a prime destination for travelers. You need to start trip planning early, whether you're going for a glimpse of royalty, want to soak in the city's history, want to cheer in the 2012 Olympics or just to sit in a pub. The time of year for travel to London will determine your packing needs. Knowing how to pack for a trip to London can make your trip a success.


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    Check the weather when planning travel to London. Your packing should reflect the season.
    • Temperatures stay mild, usually from 6 degrees Celsius (43 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter to 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer.
    • Snow and ice are rare in London. What makes winter miserable is the rain and the ongoing dampness.
    • Bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella.
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    Limit your packing to luggage you can comfortably carry.
    • Put most of your clothing in the larger suitcase.
    • Put valuables, papers (including a valid passport), medication and one change of clothing in a smaller bag that will be your carry-on bag at the airport.
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    Limit clothing colors for a mix-and-match wardrobe. This will cut down on what you need to pack for travel to London.
    • Plan to wash clothes while in London if you're staying for more than three weeks.
    • Go for a simple, but stylish look. A few accessories can alter a look.
    • Plan to dress in layers so you're prepared for whatever London weather dishes out.
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    Pack your suitcase so that it's full, but not overly full. A busted zipper can really ruin a trip.
    • Use smaller items like socks, rolled up t-shirts and underwear as fillers.
    • Packing bulky things like shoes along the edge of a suitcase provides more room.
    • Pack only what you know will be used.
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    Use plastic bags for packing toiletries in order to save clothing from any spills or leaks.
    • Use travel size or small containers for toiletries.
    • Unless you're tied to certain types of shampoo, consider waiting to buy most of your toiletries in London.
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    Plan on taking only two pairs of shoes for travel to London. Shoes take up a lot of room in luggage.
    • Make one a comfortable pair suitable for walking around London and for the flight.
    • Choose another pair for dress-up occasions.
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    Split family clothing between various suitcases so, even if one suitcase is lost, everyone still has clothes.
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    Divide financial assets (cash, credit cards) into different pockets and bags.
    • This practice may help if you lose a bag or are a victim of robbery.
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    Consider extra items that you might need:
    • Guidebooks and maps.
    • Camera with additional memory.
    • Inflatable travel pillow.
    • Batteries or chargers.
    • Electrical adapter and plug converter.


  • Make copies of passports and birth certificates in case of loss or theft. Another option is to scan the documents into a web-based mail account so you have access to them while traveling.
  • You can always roll up socks, underwear, and accessories and put them inside of shoes to create space.
  • Always leave a little space in your bag when packing. It seems like you never have as much room leaving your vacation as you did coming.
  • Remember a souvenir bag when you pack for a trip to London. A collapsible canvas bag can go into your suitcase on the way there and serve as a carry-on bag when you return home.
  • People in London don't really wear tennis shoes. This isn't a necessity, but if you want to blend in, just know that tennis shoes are known as tourist shoes.
  • Bring a pillow if you're traveling on bus because you need to be comfy.

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