How to Pack For a Sleepover

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So, are you going to have a sleepover with your friends? Are you not sure what to pack, and what not to pack? This will help you pack everything you need and maybe help to calm you down!

Packing for a Sleepover

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    Come prepared. Take a sleeping bag and pillow if you aren't going to have an available bed to sleep in. If you don't have a sleeping bag, you can just use pillows and blankets. And make sure to bring all of the necessities, like your toothbrush, PJ's, hairbrush and any other personal items you know you'll need.
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    Ask the host about things you are unsure about bringing, like bedding, games or food. Make sure to not just ask about you, but also ask if they need anything, like snacks, party favors or something .
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    Pack smart. Bring a medium-sized (not huge) bag that can hold everything you'll need. Don't cram your stuff into a small bag, as it will likely spill out. An overnight bag or tote bag is perfect for a sleepover. You could also bring a small purse or makeup bag for the small stuff, such as makeup.
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    Make a simple list. This will help you remember the things you need. You can add check boxes to check off the stuff to keep it all organized. Tape it to the inside of one of your bags, a little journal or on the fridge.
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    Here is an example of a packing list:
    • Face cleansers (optional)
    • Makeup remover (optional)
    • Pajamas
    • Shoes
    • Money (if you're going out)
    • Pads/Tampons (if you need them)
    • Socks, underwear, bra
    • Makeup (if you wear any)
    • Hairbrush
    • Lotion
    • Glasses(if you wear them)
    • Phones and chargers (To save space, charge them the day before. If you are bringing them make sure they are in a safe place.)
    • Facial masks to have a pamper party (optional)
    • iPod/MP3 Player (in case you get bored)
    • Camera (optional)
    • Clothes for the next day
    • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
    • Sleeping bag
    • Deodorant (You don't want to smell bad the next day)
    • Slippers or socks, so you won't have to walk around someone else's house in bare feet
    • Medicine, if you have asthma or a serious infection, tell the parents or guardian of the host.
    • Swimsuit (if you're swimming)
    • Extra set of clothes (in case of accidents, water fights, etc.)
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    If you are packing for a child, your child may want to pack themselves but make sure they have all the necessary items which are:
    • Clothes for the next day
    • Underwear
    • Pajamas
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Sleeping bag and/or pillows (You may want to check with the host's parents or guardian)
    • Hairbrush and/or comb
    • Any medicine (You know best)
    • A list of Contact numbers and times they can call them
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    Other things which your child can take are:
    • A teddy bear/favorite comfort toy.
    • Sweets (check with the host's parents for children 8 and under)
    • Phone (great for keeping in touch)
    • A little bag or case filled with emergency hair stuff (i.e. headbands, barrettes) {In case you realize the next morning that you look like a ragged doll}
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    • Toiletry bag to keep all hygiene stuff
    • Console for games
    • Some party food (check with host's parents) e.g. candy, potato chips
    • Swimsuit (if going swimming)
    • Deodorant (If they are old enough to wear it)
    • Hair bands and clips (if wanted)
    • Hairbrush/comb
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    Make sure you check your child's bag secretly in case they decide to take lots of toys, like some children may do. You wouldn't want them sneaking in any stuff like matches and lighters!

Sleepover Checklist

Open the checklist and print it for an easy-to-follow packing list.

Sleepover Checklist


  • If you get sick and don't have a phone, don't be afraid to ask the host parents, they will be happy to help.
  • Most of all, have fun.
  • If you are bringing a phone you might need your charger!
  • Bring pads or tampons if you are a girl. Even if you haven't started yet, you may need them just in case you start at your friend's house! If you forget some or even don't have any don't be afraid to ask your friend or her mother if you may borrow a pad/tampon (depending on your age).
  • You might need to bring a locket or picture from home if you get homesick.
  • Don't forget to be polite to the host or host's parents.
  • Never be afraid to try something new!
  • Don't pack any heavy food, so you don't attract any bugs in your friend's house.
  • If you want to go home don't be afraid to call home.
  • Bring sweets or nibbles or even some face masks or nail polishes to have a girly night in.
  • Make sure to bring your toothbrush.
  • Try not to ask your friend for his/her WiFi code and don't moan about it; your friend has invited you to his/her house to have fun together. You can use the internet at home anytime!
  • Tell the host if you have allergies.
  • If one of your allergies are cats or dogs, check with the host to ensure that they either don't have a pet or can keep the pet somewhere else while you are staying.
  • Don't be afraid to bring your blanket or stuffed animal.
  • If you bring a phone,iPad etc. don't spend all of your time on it.
  • Even if it's not your time of the month, you may start late or early, be prepared just in case.
  • Double check your bag before you leave to be sure that you have not missed anything you will want or need.
  • If you have a fun game that can be played with others, bring it with you. It will be great for other people, and you!


  • Don't start an argument. Arguments can lead to getting sent home, or losing your best friend. (and we do not want that to happen)
  • You might want to bring a change of clothes if you are going out to the cinema, going clubbing or even if you are simply going to the park to do an extreme water fight! You also might want to bring $10 if you are going to the cinema or going clubbing because you may fancy a drink or a snack (don't bring any less than $4 because shops can be expensive in busy places).
  • Make sure tampons, pads, underwear, or other things like that are in a separate pocket, if they fit. You never know how nosy some other guests can be to look in your bag.
  • Don't bring something that will distract you too much. You're here to have fun.
  • Don't be shy! Nobody likes that person who sits in the corner and sulks the whole time. If you do you probably won't be invited back!
  • Remember that having a period without protection would be a very bad experience. Be prepared.
  • You might be scared so don't be afraid to ask a host to use their phone/ cellular device
  • Remember to try not to get to bed the first. Your friends might decide to play some pranks. Try going to bed when everyone else is tired and they at least say yes when you ask "Is anyone tired?"
  • Don't pack unnecessary items and try to keep your stuff to a minimum, it makes keeping track of your stuff easier and makes your bag lighter and easier to pack back up again!
  • Don't pack breakable things unless you are okay with them being broken.
  • Don't pack anything that you love and be depressed without, there is always a possibility it will be lost or stolen.
  • Don't pack bad things (drugs, alcohol, etc.)! Remember that the host's parents/guardian can check in your bag at any time.

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