How to Pack for a Road Trip

Packing for that long, boring road trip? Well, read this article and be prepared to have a fun and exciting trip with these tips to keep you going!


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    Choose a small bag. You don't want to overpack and you're much more likely to if you bring a big bag. Instead, take maybe a backpack/duffel bag, or, if you're going to be gone more than 3 days, a small carry on suitcase.
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    Keep a snack. On a road trip it is extremely important to keep some sort of food that you can snack on to keep you going, especially if you aren't stopping to go to a shop or restaurant. Bring a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods that you like to keep you interested (i.e. potato chips, whole wheat muffin, carrot sticks, candy, plantain chips, gum, granola bar, almonds, brownie). Make sure to bring foods that travel well and always bring a bottle of water.
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    Keep moisturizer. You never know if your hands get dried out from the wind or if its cold in the car so some lotion will be really handy for whenever that happens
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    Bring lip balm and lip gloss. Your lips may tend to get chapped after long hours in the car, so take an un-scented lip balm in case you get carsick of the fragranced one. Also some lip gloss so it will compliment your look.
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    Take Cleansing Products. Items such as hand gel or hand wipes will be really useful for cleaning sticky or smelly hands if you had a stain along the way.
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    Bring a Book or Magazine. During the road trip you don't want to be exhausted of boredom so you could just whip out an article and read to pass through time.
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    Carry a Jacket or Hoodie. If it gets chilly on the way back bring some sort of cover up to keep you warm.
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    Bring a music player. This can range from an MP3 player to an iPod to a smartphone to a laptop or tablet. If you're going on a family road trip, this is especially important to bock out the annoying oldies music and sibling squabbles.
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    Always bring some sort of mint flavored candy or gum on road trips. A lot of people get carsick on long trips, and many people find that a refreshing minty flavor can reduce nausea.


  • Always check your vehicle before departing: things like fluid levels and tire pressure. In addition, get your scheduled maintenance done before the trip.
  • You should try to download a movie or a book on your electronic devices to keep yourself entertained.
  • Pack band aids. Accidents could happen!
  • Have everything packed the night before you leave so that you can just load the car or van in the morning and just leave.
  • Bring extra money on the road. This way you can buy new drinks, snacks, and entertainment at pit-stops.

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