How to Pack for a Heli Skiing Vacation

Heli-skiing vacations combine the thrills of skiing virgin snow with the excitement of being carried via helicopter to the top of mountains. This extreme sport attracts more and more thrill seekers each year, but because many of the lodges are accessible only by helicopter or small plane there are strict luggage requirements. The following are the things you should pack for a heli-skiing vacation at a remote lodge.


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    Pack only the essentials.
    • Most fly-in lodges will have specific luggage weight allowances for visitors. The dress code at most remote lodges is casual so you'll only need to pack 1 to 2 different evening outfits. If these outfits are coordinates then you can mix and match to make additional outfits without packing more clothing. Underclothes, pajamas and a swim suit for the hot tub and your toiletries are other basics that you'll need to pack.
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    Pack ski clothing.
    • Powder skiing down mountain faces requires high performance ski clothing and when your lift to the top is a helicopter it's essential that your clothing is also light and worn in layers. A 2 piece ski suit, gloves with extra liners, a face warmer, helmet or toque, insulating socks, fleece shirt and pants and a neck tube are all recommended items to pack.
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    Select your ski equipment.
    • For heli-skiing vacations your ski equipment is essential. Pack your ski boots, skis and poles. Do not bring a second set of equipment and also leave behind non-essential accessories like boot dryers, tuning equipment, racks, covers or straps.
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    Consider packing other useful items.
    • Other items like a reading book, digital camera, GPS navigator, sun screen, lip balm with SPF 15, sunglasses or ski goggles and a deck of cards can all be helpful while on a heli-ski vacation at a remote lodge.


  • Always call the lodge ahead of time to find out if there are any specific items you should bring. For example, some remote lodges have limited electricity available so a bringing a flashlight might be recommended.
  • Less is more. Fly-in lodges have weight restrictions on luggage. If you don't think the item is essential then leave it at home.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 to 2 evening outfits
  • Underclothing
  • Pajamas
  • Swim suit
  • Personal toiletries
  • 2 piece ski suit
  • Gloves with extra liners
  • Face warmer
  • Helmet or warm toque
  • Insulating socks
  • Fleece shirt and pants
  • Neck tube
  • Ski boots
  • Skis and poles
  • Reading book
  • Digital camera
  • GPS navigator
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm with SPF protection
  • Sunglasses or ski goggles
  • Playing cards

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