How to Pack for a Field Trip

Four Parts:Taking what is required by the schoolDeveloping a listPacking for a city school field tripPacking for a summertime school field trip

Packing for a field trip depends on the length of the trip, the tasks to be undertaken and the school requirements for gear. Start out with a list of the required items, add a few things you would like and then get packing!

Part 1
Taking what is required by the school

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    Talk to the teacher/lecturer/guide to find out what you'll need. Ask what you will need on the field trip (and what you won't need). Also, write a list of the things you want to bring personally. Once that is done, cross out anything that wouldn't make sense to bring and add anything that you forgot.
    • A checklist is useful for this as you can tick items once you've packed them.
    • When it's only a day's field trip, not an overnight trip, you don't need a lot. On the other hand, if it's a week long or more field trip, you'll obviously need to plan in greater detail.
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    Choose a suitable backpack. It'll need to be large enough to fit everything but still the right size and weight for you to manage. If you're buying it for the first time, get the retail assistant to help you load bags and walk around with them on, to get a feel for the bag plus weight. If must be a tolerable weight if you're walking a lot, or doing a lot of physical activities.

Part 2
Developing a list

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    Follow the list of your institution if one is provided. If not, here are some things to consider:
    • Backpack (see above)
    • Backpack liner if rain is likely to be an issue or you'll be traversing fords or wading in mud or swamps; if you do fall, a waterproof liner wrapped around your items will protect them from waterlogging
    • Writing equipment (paper, notebook, pens, pencils, paints, etc.)
    • Measuring instruments (as required)
    • Digital camera
    • Tablet (this may be useful for documenting things, if you're used to using it; make sure it's fully charged though)
    • Flashlight
    • Modeling clay (for impressions, models, etc.)
    • Cellphone (again, check that it's fully charged as there won't be anywhere to charge it out on the field trip)
    • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent
    • Wind jacket/rain jacket
    • Layers of clothing (if needed)
    • See a camping list if you're going for an overnight or longer field trip.

Part 3
Packing for a city school field trip

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    Gather everything you'll need on a single spot. The top of your bed or the floor of your bedroom or perhaps even the bed or floor of a guest bedroom are good places to pack from.
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    Bring a fun pack. A fun pack usually includes a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Then you can bring pocket sized fun items, such as clay, a mini flashlight, or even your own food (if you are allowed). You can bring in whatever you want , as long as it fits inside a pocket sized container. If your going to be security checked, like in the CNN Center, don't bring it. Remember share some things with your classmates.
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    Bring some extra things you want to bring. You should bring a water bottle and a snack for the ride. Bring a light jacket just in case, if later on in the day it gets chilly.

Part 4
Packing for a summertime school field trip

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    Gather everything you'll need on a single spot. The top of your bed or the floor of your bedroom or perhaps even the bed or floor of a guest bedroom are good places to pack from.
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    Pack the essentials. These include a packed lunch, a light foldaway rain jacket in case of rain, a re-useable water bottle with water already in it, sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, a spare cardigan, a sun hat and bug spray.
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    Pack some extras. Don't take a travel neck pillow for the coach because that is a complete waste of space. Ideal extras are things like: a small notebook and pen, a camera, an extra snack and an ice pack in your lunch. Not only does that keep your lunch cool, but if you get too hot you can put it to your forehead to cool you down.
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    Pack sensibly. Put your lunch at the bottom of your bag to keep it cool, then put the extra snack on top, then put the rain jacket, then the camera, then the cardigan then the water bottle tucked down the side so you have it handy, but your keeping it cool, then the notebook and the pen (put the pen in the spiral bind if there is one), then the bug spray, chapstick and sunscreen. Put the hat and sunglasses on, but keep a space at the top of the bag to put it in if you want to take them off. The idea of packing like this is to keep food and drink cool, but keep drinks handy, then protect the camera by putting it between clothes, then having notebooks, pens, sunscreen, chapstick and bug spray handy at the top. It is best to keep the side pockets, if there is any, free of things in them in case someone takes them. They might even take sunscreen or bug spray because they might not have any and may not be nice enough a person to ask you to borrow some.
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    Get your bag on and go have fun.


  • Bring money for gift shops, a notebook and pen to play mash or other games for the bus and cards to play.
  • A camera is a good thing to bring on field trips. You can take pictures of you with your friends as memories.
  • Try to make sure that you are sure that the extra stuff that you are bringing will actually be used by you. If you think that one of your friends would like to use that thing on the field trip then think hard to make sure that it will actually be used by one of your friends because it is going to add to the weight that you'll be carrying around and it'll get on your nerves if it is in the way of your other things or something.
  • If there is a long bus ride make sure to bring some source of entertainment. Such as a book, MP3, portable DVD player, or anything else that could kill time.
  • If you have any allergies or health issues tell your teacher before the trip.
  • Bring an extra pair of socks if you expect to be walking through rain.
  • Freeze 2 water bottles and bring an extra 3. The frozen water bottles will act as a cooler for your other water bottles. Once the frozen water bottles melt you could drink them. Good for long field trips.
  • Be nice to your chaperone so if you fool around they will overlook it!
  • If the field trip is overnight bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, a blanket, pillow, and hair and face products if any.
  • Do not forget to charge your devices overnight or the day before, that way it is ready to go when you leave.
  • Bring lunch just in case.
  • If the trip is for walking, trekking, or for climbing, be sure to bring some medication in case of any injury.
  • If you are going to be walking than bring some good shoes for walking or some running shoes.
  • Bring a bag to leave on the bus if you have an assigned seat so you don't have to carry around as much stuff.
  • Make a list of what you need so that when you get ready in the morning you won't forget anything.
  • If your bus has a DVD player, ask your teacher or trip coordinator if you can bring your electronic devices or an APPROPRIATE movie (PG-13 and below for middle and high schoolers) for you and your classmates to watch. Try a popular movie, like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter. Try to theme it to your destination. For example, if you are going to a Disney Park, bring a movie like Big Hero 6, and if you want to be annoying, Frozen. If you are going to a Universal Park, bring Harry Potter or Despicable Me.
  • Girls, bring extra pad, tampons, and pantie liners, even if you won't get your period on the trip. Mother Nature may surprise you with an early present, or one of your girlfriends may need one.


  • Don't bring anything that will get you in trouble.
  • If you have permission, pack a small first aid kit, including some paracetamol and Bonamine. Always be ready.
  • Make sure that you can bring electronics.
  • Ask about clothing you can wear. If your school has a dress code, abide by it.

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