How to Pack Bras

Three Methods:Pack Molded Bras in Your SuitcasePack Non-Molded Bras in Your SuitcasePack Molded Bras in a Separate Case

Bras can be one of the most difficult items to pack when you travel. They can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, and if packed improperly, you run the risk of distorting the shape of the cups or otherwise harming the integrity of the overall piece. This is especially true of molded bras. Non-molded bras, on the other hand, are significantly less sensitive and easier to pack.


Before You Begin: Know Which Bras to Pack

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    Pick bras that match your tops. Before you can choose which bras to pack, you need to figure out which tops and dresses you'll be wearing. Make sure that the bras you pick are versatile enough to use with the clothes you plan to bring.[1]
    • For most purposes, a standard smooth bra in a nude/skin tone will be your best option.
    • When packing light colored t-shirts, opt for a smooth nude/skin tone bra. A white bra can work, as well, but will be slightly more visible than a skin tone choice.
    • For black tops and other dark shades, consider packing a black bra. Dark colors can bleed onto light colored bras.
    • If you're packing a halter, racer-back, or strapless top, you will need a strapless bra in a neutral color. Convertible bras are another option, but you need to make sure that you pack the straps if you want to take full advantage of the convertible bra's versatility.
    • Deep v-neck tops should be paired with a plunging bra so that the bra will not show when the top is worn. Similarly, high neck tops should be paired with a full coverage bra so that the chest area will remain as smooth as possible while the top is on.
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    Pack enough. Figure out how many days you'll be gone and determine how many days you can wear each bra you choose to pack. Make sure that you have enough to rotate through during your trip.
    • As a general rule, you should plan on wearing one bra for every two to three days of your trip. Delicate bras should only be worn once every one or two days.
    • If you plan to do laundry while you're away, make sure that you have enough bras to last you through your intended laundry day, plus one extra in case your laundry day is delayed.
    • Always pack more than one bra, even if you're only going to stay somewhere for a couple of days. You need to have multiple bras in case an unforeseen mishap occurs, like the snapping of a strap or the destruction of your bra's underwire.
    • Plan on rotating through your bras during your stay. If you wear one too often, you can actually wear it out.

Method 1
Pack Molded Bras in Your Suitcase

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    Save the bras for last. Your bras should be one of the last things you pack. Clear a space for them within the top layer of clothes in your suitcase.
    • Measure out the total depth of your bras when stacked together. The space you clear out should be at least that deep. If you try to cram the bras into a space that is too small, you may distort the cups.
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    Stack the bras on top of each other. Place your bras together so that the cups of each one rest on top of the cups of the bra beneath it. All of the bras should lie flat, not folded.
    • Do not fold one cup into another when you are packing molded bras. By inverting one cup, you distort the shape of that cup. This can lead to dents, bumps, and an overall improper fit.
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    Stuff the cups. Roll up your socks, tank tops, or underwear and stuff the material into the cups of your bottom bra.[2]
    • Fill the cups of the bra with enough material to keep them as full as possible. Doing so will prevent the cups from caving inward even when accidental pressure is applied. As a result, you can better preserve the shape and longevity of all the bra cups in your stack.
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    Protect the bras from damaging items. Keep the bras away from items in your suitcase that can snag the material or crush the cups.
    • Consider placing the stacked bras in a large plastic bag or covering them with a sheet of plastic or wax paper. This one extra precaution can prevent Velcro or zippers from snagging the material.
    • Do not place any thing heavy on top of the bras.
    • It is also a good idea to tuck in the straps to prevent the hooks from getting snagged on other bras or clothing. Stuff the straps beneath the cup of the bra they belong to and above the cup of the bra beneath. For the bottom bra, stuff the strap in between the cups of the bra and the stuffing material you filled them with.
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    Remove them as soon as possible. Ideally, you should unpack your bras as soon as you reach your destination. Do not leave them in your suitcase during the duration of your stay.
    • Keeping the bras in a stuffed suitcase for a prolonged period of time can cause the cups to become distorted even if you took plenty of precautions while packing them.
    • Hang your unpacked bras on a doorknob, hook, or hanger. Make sure that you do not hang them beneath bulky items like bags or coats, though, since doing so can crush the cups.

Method 2
Pack Non-Molded Bras in Your Suitcase

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    Tuck one cup into the other. Fold each bra in half, inverting one cup so that it collapses into the other.[3]
    • The cups of non-molded bras are not as easily distorted, so you should be able to invert them without causing any damage to the integrity of the cup shape or the overall bra.
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    Fasten the hooks. Fasten the hooks of the back strap together. Tuck the straps into the cup of the bra once clasped together.
    • Doing this can prevent the hooks from snagging any other bras or clothes.
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    Stack the bras. Fold each bra separately, then stack them together. Stack one on top of another so that the cups of one bra rest over the cups of the one beneath it.
    • Since the cups are not as sensitive as they would be with a molded bra, you do not need to stuff them with any excess material to prevent them from collapsing when you pack them.
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    Keep the bras in a protected space. If possible, place the bras in a separate zipper compartment of your suitcase instead of keeping them in the main space with the rest of your clothes.
    • Another option would be to slide the stacked bras into a large plastic bag. Choose a durable bag, like a “freezer safe” resealable bag or the type you would get from a department store. You can then place this bag into the main compartment of your suitcase and the bras should stay protected from zippers, clasps, Velcro, and similar threats.
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    Unpack them as soon as possible. When you reach your destination, remove the bras from your suitcase and keep them out for the remainder of your stay.
    • While it is not as crucial to unpack non-molded bras as it is to unpack molded bras, it is still advisable. Leaving any bra in a stuffed suitcase for a prolonged period can cause damage to the underwire and the overall integrity of the bra.
    • You can hang your unpacked bras on a hook, hanger, or doorknob. Try to avoid hanging them beneath heavy items, though. Even though the cups of a non-molded bra cannot be easily distorted, you can still damage the integrity of the bra if you crush it carelessly.

Method 3
Pack Molded Bras in a Separate Case

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    Choose a case. You can choose an ordinary box or a specialized bra traveling case, but either way, the container you use should be hard.
    • There are several cases available on the market that are specially designed to hold bras, but the best are bra-shaped, hardcover, and designed so that the bras will lie flat instead of folded.[4]
    • If you don't want to buy an actual bra travel case, consider using a sturdy plastic container or cardboard box. The container should span the length of your bra cups when they lie flat, and the width of the container should roughly match the height of the cups.
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    Stack the bras inside the case. Lay the bras out flat and stack them on top of one another. The cups of one bra should fit over the cups of the one beneath it.
    • When packing bras with molded cups, you should never fold one cup into another. Doing so will cause dents, bumps, and other distortions in the cup you invert, and as a result, the bra will no longer fit as well as it should.
    • Consider tucking the straps in to prevent the hooks from snagging the other bras. The straps of each bra should be wedged in between the cups of the bra they belong to and the cups of the bra beneath it.
    • Most bra traveling cases can fit one to six bras, depending on the case itself and the size of your bras. If you have a small cup size, you can usually fit up to six; for larger cup sizes, you may only be able to fit one or two.
    • If you opt to use a plastic container or cardboard box, pack as many bras into the container as possible without crushing them. Do not stuff the bras into the box since doing so will distort the shape of the cups.
    • Since there is no risk of accidental crushing when you pack the bras in a separate case, you do not need to stuff the cups with any excess material.
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    Place the case inside of your empty bag. Sit the packed case inside of the main body of your empty suitcase, then pack the rest of your clothes around the case.
    • Fill in as much space around the sides of the case as possible. Doing so can prevent the bras from getting tossed around and tangled during transport.
    • Note that you can unpack your bras when you reach your destination, but if you pack them in a separate container and leave plenty of excess space, there is very little risk of causing them to become distorted. That being the case, you should be able to keep them in the case for the duration of the stay without much of any risk.

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  • Suitcase
  • Bras
  • Socks, underwear, tank tops, or other filler material
  • Plastic bags
  • Bra case

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