How to Pack and Move Quickly

Four Methods:Consider Hiring a Moving and Packing Company.Consider Renting a TruckHire a packing company to do the workTake only what you need

You have to move and you have to move now! The task can seem a bit overwhelming but here are a few tips that will help smooth the way!

Method 1
Consider Hiring a Moving and Packing Company.

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    Consider hiring a moving and packing company. They will pack everything for you in same-size stackable boxes and wrap up fragile items in paper. They will load your things on a truck and take them to your new home without any worries. This would be the fastest, but maybe not the most cost effective method, for moving without planning.
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    Make calls. While the moving company personnel are packing your things, or even before they get there, make phone calls to make the move go more smoothly.
    • If you have children, make sure their school records are transferred.
    • Call all utilities for the new home: telephone, cable, Internet, electric, water, sewer, gas. Call the appropriate agency or company to find out when your trash pick-up day is scheduled.
    • Call a trash pick-up or haul away service to have your junk removed from your property.
    • Acquire any permits that the new location requires. If you are not sure, call city hall.
    • Hire a company to clean and ready the new home, or, better yet, do it yourself. Make sure the closets have shelves and the necessary organization needed for your belongings.If not, a quick trip to Lowe's or Home Depot can get you the shelves you need.
    • Call the post office and have your mail forwarded to your new address.
    • Call all people that are involved in your health, education and finances to change your address. If you are moving far away from your accountant, doctors, dentist, etc., then notify them that you will be leaving their practice. They may give you suggestions on who is available in your new home city.
    • Contact your auto insurance company, your bank and credit card companies to transfer records and update information.
    • Update your address for your magazine subscriptions.
    • Notify your home care services that you are moving.
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    Keep Organized.
    • Keep a notepad (or electronic device) handy so you can write down important information. Do not rely on your memory for your important information during this move.
    • Consider downloading a mover's checklist to help you with all details of the move. Even though the checklist might be organized by weeks prior to a move, the list will help you stay on top of everything.

Method 2
Consider Renting a Truck

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    Really? Rent a truck?I know there are articles out there on the nightmares of renting a truck, but personal experience allows me to assure you that this can be a very easy way to go.
    • There are trucks, trailers, cargo vans and pickups to choose from. It is more cost effective to rent one truck that will hold all of your belongings. What ever company you choose to rent from will suggest a truck size depending on the square footage of your home and how many bedrooms your current home has.
    • You can call a company the morning of the move to determine availability. Call as many as necessary until you find an available truck. If a truck is not available, ask the person if they know who has an available truck.
    • Make sure your car insurance and driver's license are up to date. Many companies will offer insurance for that day. The cost will be around twenty dollars making it well worth the purchase.
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    Acquire boxes and paper for wrapping fragile items.
    • If you do not have time or money to wrap fragile items, consider transporting what you can in your own personal car or in the front seat of the truck.
    • Call your local grocery store or department store very early in the morning for boxes.
    • Ask friends and family for boxes and old newspapers.
    • Label everything. A permanent marker and masking tape will work for this task.
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    Use the items in your home creatively for packing.
    • When loading a dresser, remove all drawers(with clothes in them) load the dresser onto the truck, and then return the drawers to the dresser.
    • Use laundry baskets to moving things from the kitchen.
    • Use towels to wrap the fragile items.
    • Try to use boxes that are the same size. This makes stacking them in the truck much easier.
    • Use what ever you can find that is useful. A pillowcase may hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and other personal items. A sleeping bag could hold bedding.
    • When all else fails, use a garbage bag and label it.
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    Go Room by Room. You have your truck and your boxes(and/or home items used creatively). Now it is time to pack for the move!
    • In order to prevent feeling overwhelmed, pack one room at a time.
    • Pick out big items from the room and immediately load them on the truck. Appliances and furniture should go on first to allow for space.
    • After you pick, pack and load the big items from a room, pack the fragile items. Ensure they are wrapped well. Set them in a car in the passenger seat, or put them aside to be loaded last.
    • Now pack all the other items in the room that are not fragile. Set the packages in your garage or another staging location. These items will be loaded after the furniture and appliances.
    • Make sure to label everything. (Example: master bathroom, hygiene products)
    • After you clear all items from a room, clean it. Shut all windows, turn off the lights. If it is a room with appliance, make sure they are taken care of appropriately (unplugged, water removed from lines, etc.).
    • Shut the door to indicate to all family members that the room is completely packed and cleaned.
    • Move to the next room and do the same process.
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    Load the truck.
    • Load all of the big items first.
    • Load labeled boxes.
    • Load fragile items in a safe place.
    • Leave the toilet paper and the light bulbs for the next occupants.
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    Arriving at new home.
    • Unload fragile items and set them aside.
    • Unload boxes and put them in the garage or set them aside.
    • Unload large items and place them in the house where they belong.
    • Move labeled boxes to the appropriate rooms.
    • Move fragile items to the appropriate rooms.
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    Follow Step 2 of Method 1.

Method 3
Hire a packing company to do the work

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    Hire a packing company only.
    • Hire a packing company to come in and package all of your items.
    • Rent a truck yourself and load your belongs as suggested in method 2.
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    Hire a moving company only.
    • Pack your belongings room by room.
    • Hire a moving company to pick up your belongings and move them to the new house.

Method 4
Take only what you need

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    Take only what you need. If you are in a terrible hurry, consider taking only what you need.
    • When determining what you need, consider the following:
    • Is this item worth moving, or can I replace this item more cost effectively in the new home?
    • If money is not a problem and the item has no sentimental value, leave it behind and buy a new one for the new residence.
    • Make sure what you take actually works. Has that appliance been sitting in storage for awhile? Plug it in to make sure it is working before you move it.
    • Make a list of what you truly need and take only that. (This is not planning, as planning implies weeks of preparation.) :)
    • Include in your list of things to take, e.g., all of your important records and photos.


  • If you are moving in a hurry, consider asking friends for help. They might have a pickup truck or children who would gladly help for a few extra dollars. Sometimes you can pay them with pizza and beer after the move is over. Your friends might even want to "pay it forward" for the times people have helped them. What ever the case, it does not hurt to ask.
  • If you truly do not have time to plan, keep focused and set a time frame. Do you want to move in one day? If so, you will not have time to purge at your old residence but you can at your new residence.
  • Moving without planning can be stressful, but it is not impossible. Keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. If you start to feel defeated, look for supportive words from a friend or family member.

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