How to Pack a Business Suit for the Gym

Wondering the best way to bring your suit to the gym every morning? You don't want to go to work with a wrinkled suit! Follow these steps to look sharp for your clients and co-workers after your morning workout!


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    Buy a garment bag. Garment bags are a must-have for any business professional! Lightweight and affordable, a garment bag will protect your suit from fibers, dust, dirt, tearing, and more. They prevent your suit from wrinkling on the bottom of that grimy locker in the locker room.
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    Slide your suit into a garment bag before leaving the house. In order to avoid looking wrinkled and unprofessional in the office after your workout, you must take good care of your suit in your commute! Choose a strategy based on your method of transportation.
    • Bus: Drape it on the empty seat beside you.
    • Taxi: Hang it from the plastic hook on the ceiling beside the handle.
    • Car: Hang it or lay it down in the backseat.
    • On foot: Keep the garment bag draped over your shoulder.
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    Choose the best location for your suit to hang while you work out. Ideally, your locker room should have extra long lockers for garments to hang without being folded. If this isn't the case, choose the next best locker and gently fit the garment bag inside.
    • In general, avoid hanging your garment bag out in the open to avoid theft.
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    After your workout and your shower, hang the garment bag from the top of your locker door before changing. Unzip the bag and take the suit out of the garment bag piece by piece as you dress yourself.
    • Don't just remove your suit from the garment bag and drape the pieces across the locker room bench as you change. That's just asking for dirt and wrinkles to accumulate on your suit!
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    That's it! Now you can head to work with confidence and style!


  • Choose a garment bag that best fits your lifestyle. Some garment bags are collapsible and meant for travel, while others are designed to hang in the closet.
  • Invest in a garment bag that is durable and can withstand your environment.
  • If you live in a warm climate, keep your suit jacket in the garment bag until you arrive at the office. It will help you avoid overheating and keep you looking fresh and professional.


  • Do not leave your suit hanging in the gym unless you are there to watch it. Avoid theft!
  • Avoid flimsy, cheap garment bags that will put your suit at risk for damage, stains, or tearing.

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