How to Own an Imaginary Dragon

Do you love dragons? They are mysterious, powerful creatures, but are also mythical. The likeliness of meeting one is zero... says who? Follow these steps and you'll be the proud owner of your very own imaginary dragon!


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    Decide what kind of dragon you want. You can make up the types of dragons, but here are a few to get you started:
    • Water dragon - Instead of breathing fire, they breathe water
    • Shadow dragon - Dark colored dragons that can become invisible at will
    • Lightning dragon - Instead of breathing fire, they breathe lightning bolts
    • Feathered dragon - Instead of having sturdy wings, these dragons have feathered, bird-like wings
    • Suni-dragon - A dragon with a unicorn's horn
    • Rainbow dragon - A rainbow colored dragon
    • "Dwarf dragon" - A dragon that, instead of being bigger than a cat as a baby and as big as a dinosaur when fully grown, is as big as a medium-sized dog's puppy as a baby and as big as a full grown medium-sized dog at adulthood, or even smaller
    • You can also crossbreed! Use your imagination!
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    Pretend to call the breeder. The breeder will probably be a wizard or a witch. Ask them for the type of dragon you want, specify the gender and age. Once you've decided on a dragon, organize a day they can bring it to you.
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    Prepare for the arrival. The next time you go shopping to a pet store, pretend there is a dragon aisle. Buy food, drink and other supplies for your new pet.
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    After your dragon arrives, lock it in a room. If it is a baby, it will still be larger than a cat (unless it's a dwarf dragon), so make sure the room is quite big. It is also a good idea if it is a main room that you will visit often, so the dragon gets used to humans. Dragons aren't evil, but they can be very aggressive to humans if you don't go near them within a few weeks of getting them. Dragons will see you as a bite sized snack.
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    Get it used to your home slowly. After you've had your dragon for a week or so, let it go onto all of the levels in that part of the house. Make sure it doesn't go up/down stairs, because it may cause trouble.
    • After a few weeks, let your dragon roam freely around the house.
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    Train it. Before taking your dragon outside for the first time, teach it to sit, stay and come when it's name is called. Remember, dragons can be dangerous, even if they're babies. Persevere, dragons can be very hard to train.
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    Take your dragon outside. Go to the pet store and 'buy' a dog lead if your dragon is a baby. If it is a grown up, call the breeder and ask them to deliver a dragon lead. If you will be travelling in a car, keep an eye on your dragon. When it seems all right, unleash your dragon. Don't let it go where no dogs are allowed, as it will be the same for dragons.
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    Remember, not only wizards and witches can be imaginary dragon breeders. You can become one too, and provide pets to your friends.


  • Buy a second dragon when you're ready. If it's the opposite gender, it can mate. If they are different breeds, they will have crossbreed babies!
  • Don't be afraid to make things up. Not sure when your baby will be full grown? Just try to make a sensible guess. They will probably grow at similar stages to a very large animal, unless it's a dwarf dragon (which grows a bit faster but still slower than a dog grows).
  • If you want to, you can choose to draw a picture of your dragon to help you visualize it (not a good idea if you can't draw).
  • If you are going to try to breed imaginary dragons, be sure you have enough space.


  • It's best not to tell anyone about your pet, because they may tease you. You can tell close friends though. Who knows, they may even want to get one!

Things You'll Need

  • Food and water bowls
  • Contact info for an imaginary dragon breeder
  • An imagination
  • Either a desire to keep your pet secret, or a feeling that if someone says your pet is stupid then it's their problem, not yours

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