How to Overcome Painful Past Impressions

Are you here to wipe out the bad impressions of your past ?? So you have to be appreciated for realizing that this is high time to flush out the past and afresh yourself !! Nothing is impossible so long as you are determined ! So here we help you with these simple steps so that you may let yourself set free from the clutches of the past..


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    Try to forget or forgive the person that caused this bad experience. You have to learn to let go of the sadness or negativity, but this can only be achieved by forgetting and forgiving.
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    Focus on the positive things in your life. All of us have positive things in our life, we just have to make sure that we get to know them. It is very easy to miss seeing the positivity in our existence and focus on the negativity, but this is the biggest mistake.
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    Learn to care more about others and try to help a person in need. When you help a person in need, you will feel good about yourself and see for yourself that everybody encounters problems in life. One more way for you to appreciate the good things in your life.
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    Talk openly about your emotions with others. Having people to share your problems with should help you overcome them easier.
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    Do the things you enjoy in life. If these things make you feel good about yourself do them, but keep in mind that they should be healthy both for your body and mind. Things such as a healthy diet and a safe hobby are highly recommended. Keep in mind that most of the time our emotions are affected by our unhealthy way of life. A healthy body will have a healthy mind.
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    Do acknowledge and accept flaws in others and yours too. Remember that nobody is perfect, including you. If a person has upset you in the past, he has done it because he is not perfect. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the way you would have had reacted. There is a good chance that you might have done the same exact thing or worse.
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    Think to achieve something.. Achievements are very helpful to overcome negative thoughts and experiences.


  • Be confident and focus on your skills.
  • Always be positive and cherish what you have
  • Focus on the present, the past is gone,and embrace the future.
  • Take the guidance of any elders/ friends if needed.
  • Love yourself just the way you are.
  • Learn to forgive and forget.


  • Don't overboard yourself.. Nothing goes fine overnight but time heals everything!
  • Don't feel sympathetic with your situation. You are definitely not the only one with the painful past !

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