How to Overcome Gender Discrimination (Females)

Four Parts:Understanding YourselfUnderstanding OthersTaking the Big StepEncouraging Others

For generations inequality between males and females have prevailed. Despite the modernization of society, the mindset of men being superior to women has hardly altered. Truth is, women, too have accomplished various landmarks to create history. More women in the modern age should step up and achieve their dreams, as they are truly capable of it.

Part 1
Understanding Yourself

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    Before anything else, seek to understand what you are capable of. Comprehend your inner potential. Focus on your positives. These are the qualities in which you think are good. Whether it is sports, academics, or even brilliant reading/writing or debating skills. It is as Albert Einstein once quoted "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's entire life believing it is stupid."
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    Pull up your confidence and self belief. Several sports were considered masculine, but now women have come up in those sports and have taken it to a new level. For example, national level football, or national level cricket. Use examples of the success of these women to boost up your confidence. You should look at enough examples from the past and present to be willing to start something new, or a completely new trend of your own.
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    Understand your rights. Nothing will change unless you are aware of your capabilities or your rights. Understand the law, and be well aware of the rights of women. This way, if someone tries to go against you, you will have evidence to defy them. Not only this, but also be well aware of current events, and news from the world. This will increase your knowledge of society, and attain you a stronger position than others. This will make you stand out in the crowd. It is as they say “knowledge is power.”

Part 2
Understanding Others

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    Realize that you can not fully believe in yourself unless you believe in others. Look around you. Everyone has weaknesses, and flaws. Boys, girls, men, women, everyone! No one is perfect. Notice all the examples around you, of women who tried and failed, yet still persevered. If guys can succeed, so can you. Just keep trying.
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    Talk to other women around you. Whether it be a friend, colleague, mother or sister. Get their views on how their life experiences have been. Generally, talking to other women about your dreams and ambitions will help you be more confident with your decision, and will persuade you to not back out from your potential. Identify the mistakes, and hurdles these women encountered. This will give you knowledge on how to achieve your goals, and not repeat mistakes. It will result in more encouragement, before you actually take a big step forward.

Part 3
Taking the Big Step

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    Bring forward the change, and eliminate female discrimination for yourself. Start speaking up for yourself and also for others around you. Whenever there is a hint of injustice call it out. Society insists that they do not believe in gender inequality, but they still will do injustice. Whenever you are treated unfairly, question them. Ask why you were treated, the way you were.
    • Nothing will change unless the people discriminating are questioned in public. Stepping up for yourself is the key. For example, say you are good at sports, better than some of the males there, and the coach chooses a male over you for team selection. You should question this judgment if you know you are more worthy. Demand another try out, or seek advice from other coaches.
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    Try new things, and participate in as many activities as you possibly can. This will not only open more doors for you, but will also pave a way for other females interested in that field. Do not step back. Having experience in various areas will only develop you as a person, and the better you are at something, the more respect you will receive. You can never get too old to try something new.

Part 4
Encouraging Others

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    Never forget to advise other females. The more awareness you spread, the easier it gets to overcome female discrimination on a larger scale. Advise those younger than you. Advise those that are scared, or pressurized by society.
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    Encourage men, too. Do not start thinking that you are superior to men. Remember that you are equals. If you have rights and capabilities, so do they. Recognize theirs, and encourage them to recognize yours (and those of other women).
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