How to Overcome Audition Disappointment

Missing out on a part in a play, movie or show is a real downer. Whether you didn't get the part you wanted or you didn't get a part at all, it feels deflating. If you've had your heart set on being a part of that cast or on a particular role, but it didn't come through, it's time to begin working on getting over that loss and moving on to the next greatest role.


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    Realize it's not personal. The director could have been searching for a different look, height, style of delivery or voice. This does not mean you are not talented. It simply means you weren't a good fit. On the other hand, if you are aware that you gave a bad audition, it's a wake-up call to improve your auditioning skills and do better next time. There is a fine balance between dismissing the loss as a bad fit and not accepting that there is still room for improvement. Be honest with yourself on that count.
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    Take it in your stride. The sooner that you learn to accept rejection as an actor, the sooner you'll begin to cope with the ups and downs this career brings. Remember that every actor starts small––you can't get every part!
    • Go and do something enjoyable to help you to feel better. Don't hit the acting books or practice immediately; take a break, go out with friends or do something you love doing, then come back refreshed and ready to strike at it again.
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    Do some research. If the person who got your part has repeatedly gotten leads, perhaps you should speak with them to learn how the have come upon their success. They could mentor you in improving your auditioning skills and knowing how to handle this part of your work better.
    • Another option is to find an acting coach who might be able to assist you with being more effective in auditions.
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    Have fun. If you got a part that you didn't really want, be grateful first that you have a role and second, be ready to put your whole self into it. People notice how much effort you put into your work and take it seriously regardless of your original want; they also notice resentment. Who is going to be easier to work with? Try to have some fun with the role too––sometimes when your own imposed pressure is off, you can find yourself really enjoying the role more.
    • What specific new twist can you put on this character that didn't interest you so much? By giving it your own style, you might just make the character more interesting than it has ever been played before.
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    Remain devoted to your craft. Continue improving yourself, keep learning and keep abreast of changes in the acting world. By staying current, open-minded and flexible, you will find more acting possibilities open up to you. The lost part may just be the thing that catapults you into better opportunities later on.


  • Read the biographies of actors you admire. You'll discover that all of them have had the experience of not getting parts they wanted at one time or another. It's part of the character building that actors experience.


  • If you find constant rejection in auditions difficult to cope with, acting may be better as a hobby than as a career for you. It is very important to learn to cope with the losses in the audition environment, as they are going to be a lifelong constant. Even actors at the top of their field miss out on prime movies, stage plays and shows because they're not the right fit for a role. It is normal, not the exception.

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