How to Outsource Information Technology Help

Once you face the task of finding help, in any business it can present some choices that come with decisions that sometimes hard to make. But when looking for IT help, you face real problems unless you know the most common but critical mistakes to avoid. We would like to share them with you now.


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    Avoid only looking for a permanent employee position for your IT Department. This is the usual path that most companies take. It is what they have done for ages. Getting a full-time employee feels comfortable and normal. But many of the software developers come with big Egos that are hard to manage. Now add payroll, sick/vacation time and benefits may become a real hassle.
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    Avoid scenario when the job is done with current but insufficient staff or talent. There are times when another full time professional is just not needed, but slowly work is piling up and it has to get done. It seems like someone on your team could and should take on an extra tasks to save time and budget. Each project may have several and maybe small tasks that need to be done with the specific skill or experience that your team members may not posses. The tasks seem to be small and does not warrant for a new hire. But it may be inefficient or difficult to find that one person on your current team to do them all and well.
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    Explore the cost- effective possibilities. All businesses face this at one point or another, there is work to be done but not enough money left to do it! You are concerned about the project completion and timing but funds are limited and there is no option of adding another permanent expense before you have enough steady business to pay for another employee. So, consider letting appropriate specialists at aggressive rates to take care of your overflow and extra.
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    Resist the temptation of doing the work with people that you have but the talents they do not…It happens that internal teams sometimes are very costly for business to maintain: programmers require high salaries, and a lot of times are very difficult employees to manage! They may not be very strongly motivated to deliver good code quickly. On top of this, you may need to handle jobs that are too big or complex to do with your own people and may not be in your team’s area of expertise.This would be the time to outsource your current work to competent professionals in the specific segment of your industry. They will make you look good and can allow you to bid and successfully complete work for large corporations that you wouldn’t win otherwise.
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    Stop worrying about high costs of IT consulting. Very high rates are typically a show stopper for many IT projects due to many IT companies charging very high prices and billing customers for a lot of consulting time before the programming project even begins. But not all companies today charge the prime.
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    Give outsourcing a chance. You could have already said: No more outsourcing! As you have had many problems in dealing with companies from China or India. But never say: NEVER! When outsourcing may be the only remedy when running out of budgets before the new software release is out, losing key IT employees before the project is finished or when it seems that competitors bypassing you on the IT arena every day… You've got to do something!But your disappointments with “classical” outsourcing to India, China and Pakistan due to bad quality, loose management, and constant rotation of IT personnel overseas or lack of control is still fresh in your mind. At the same time competitors are pushing hard with their IT efforts, and your CEO is ultimately responsible for the company’s competitive position on the market. So, there is a lot of pressure to fix the problem.
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    Track the things you do on the repetitive basis and the things that require additional expertise and experience your team may not have or could be done better and faster by someone else. This would help you to identify the tasks you can outsource.
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    Outline the step by step plan on how you want the project to be done to make it easy for everyone to follow and understand your expectations. Make it as detailed as you can and provide sufficient and timely background information that could be beneficial for success of this project.
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    Choose the companies you may want to work with ahead of time and interview them thoroughly, check their references, and start on a small project to try them out.


  • Many companies will spend thousands of dollars before they realize that their code is not professionally written or scaled. And if the programming is outsourced, many times the coding ends up in the hands of novice programmer and without clear understanding of customers’ needs. The code from inexperienced developers can cost you thousands of dollars to fix and may result in loss of time, business opportunity and additional earnings. Of course, you may wish that companies that offered their services to you had responsibility for final product. But rarely the IT service company would stand behind or take financial responsibility for correcting the functionality and delivering to the customer’s expectations.

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