How to Outfit Yourself for Archery

When practicing archery, it's important to wear the right clothes to prevent injuries and accidents.


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    Remove loose jewellery. Large, dangling earrings and necklaces are very dangerous. When they get tangled with your string and you release, they can get ripped off and seriously injure you. Bracelets should be left at home too, as they can get in your way when holding the bow.
    • Stud earrings are okay, so are necklaces that are tucked away in your t-shirt.
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    Tie your hair up. Your string can also get caught in your hair, so make sure it doesn't get in your way.
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    Get comfortable shoes. For archery, sports shoes are good, but you can wear any pair of flat, closed shoes, like sneakers. Just make sure they're comfortable.
    • If you are going to shoot on rough terrain, such as a forest, opt for sturdier, waterproof shoes.
    • Avoid sandals. When an arrow bounces back, you don't want it to land on your bare foot.
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    Get a good t-shirt. When you're shooting in a club, you'll probably have to wear one with the logo of the club, which will probably be a good one, but any t-shirt will do, as long as the sleeves aren't too loose.
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    Wear a pair of training trousers/shorts/skirt. Again, any pair of decent training trousers will do. Avoid jeans because as comfortable as they may be, they're not right for sports and the stiff denim can limit movement.
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    Adjust for the circumstances/weather. When shooting indoors, opt for shorts/a skirt and short sleeves. When shooting outdoors and it's cold, wear training trousers with long legs and long sleeves, and a sweater when it's very cold.
    • If you really have to wear your club's t-shirt, wear it over some long-sleeved clothing to keep you warm. If that is not enough, you can also wear an undershirt underneath all your clothes.
    • When your sweater/jacket has those cords to adjust the hood, tuck them under your clothes, so the string won't get caught in them and potentially strangle you when you release.


  • When you're not sure whether your outfit is appropriate for archery, ask someone experienced, like a coach or older archer.
  • Your club may provide a flyer concerning safety regulations around clothes. It is a good idea to thoroughly read that as well.
  • As with most sports, a sports bra is preferred over a regular bra.


  • Never wear loose clothing: it can get caught in your string and possibly injure and even kill you when you release.

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