How to Outfit Your Dog for Summer Outings

Four Methods:Keeping Your Dog HydratedWalking Your DogPlaying With Your DogHousing Your Dog

The summer heat can be very dangerous for your four-legged friend and they are in the risk of getting a heat stroke. To avoid all danger and keep your dog cool in the summer time, follow this article.

Method 1
Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

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    Provide water for your dog at all times. Dogs need a lot of water to keep them hydrated and it is the most important thing they need in their life to keep them happy and cool.
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    Refill and clean your dogs water bowl once a day. Keeping your dogs water bacteria-free is the best option and gives them a fresh supply of water.
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    Bring water along on walks and trips. Be prepared when going on an outing with your dog as they will get thirsty and dehydrated. Bring along a folding water bowl and a bottle of water for your dog to drink from. If you're planning an all-day or several day hike, purchase a backpack with built-in water bladders for your dog.

Method 2
Walking Your Dog

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    Do not walk your dog on a hot day. The padding on a dogs feet is just the same as an average human's feet, if the ground is too hot for you then it is too hot for the dog and can damage their paws. If you do walk your dog, walk them in the morning or the afternoon where the pavement should be+ cooler.
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    Purchase some high quality dog booties. This will protect your dogs paws from the hot pavement and is recommended when going on long outings. Slowly introduce the boots to your dog using positive reinforcement and treats to make sure they are comfortable with them.

Method 3
Playing With Your Dog

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    Know your dog's endurance. When planning river, lake or sea trips, do not assume that your dog has boundless energy and can swim for hours on end. Dogs can easily drown when swimming in fast-moving water as it will exhaust them.
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    Purchase a dog life jacket which will most likely come with a built-in handle. This way you know your dog is safe and that if they do go under, you can pull them up.
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    Equip your dog with a cooling vest. Dogs do not sweat and cool themselves through their paw pads and panting. A cooling vest uses evaporative cooling to release heat.

Method 4
Housing Your Dog

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    Provide shelter for your dog if they are staying outside. Leaving your dog outside in the sun all day will most likely give them heat-stroke so make sure you provide them with either a kennel or a shaded patio.
    • Another option is to take them inside the house (if given permission).

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