How to Organize Your Mylinks in wikiHow

Mylinks is a feature on wikiHow that allows logged in users to create a list of links in the right sidebar so that those links are always at hand and can be easily accessed. Organizing the links in a logical way further speeds the process of finding oft-used links and web addresses.


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    Go to your Mylinks page. Visit your user page, then click into the address bar and add /Mylinks to the end of the address and press Enter.
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    Click the Edit tab near the top left corner.
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    Try to bring your links together in groups that have some sort of bond that relates them. For example, you might want a section for links to the forums, and another section for links to the tools on the Community Dashboard. In this case, you would create two sections using the headers: == Forums == and == Dashboard ==.
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    List each link on its own line under the appropriate section heading as a bullet point. Bullet points are created in the same way that you add a new tip or warning to an article, by starting each line with an asterisk.
    • You can weave your own links to articles, tools, and trigger tools by following the methods in this article.
    • Sometimes, some tools don't have their tool page link addressed stated right on the page itself. For these, you can find the tool page address following the address in the URL bar. However, for article pages, this weaving procedure generally still applies just well.
    • Most of the links in the Edit page that comes from the tab at the top right corner of your screen (just to the right of the wikiHow Search box) have triggers that can also be added to the Mylinks page by adding the {{PAGENAME}} trigger-template to the tool name following the tool's address (from the URL) and a backslash(/)
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    Organize your sections (if needed) into further subsections or sub-bullet points of these points. by the same general category. For example, if you wanted links to certain discussions in the forums, and links to the regular forums pages to be separate, you can separate them in the same category. Just add small 'subtitles' to them using bold text. If you need, you can separate you sections into subsections by using the same general procedure in this article.
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    Try color coding them by adding color to the text. For example, the things you do the most and the things you don't really do much can be divided with different color. You can use the HTML color coding way to change the color of these, however, it doesn't work for link-colors and so can only be done for a text-only item.
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    Add text guides, such as reminder for what you have to do on wikiHow, like if you tagged a page on wikiHow as inuse, remind yourself to remove it soon.
  8. 8
    Add an edit summary, such as "Creating My Links page", or if you are coming back to adjust them at a later date, use an edit summary similar to "adjusting Mylinks page for style - organizing into sections"
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    Preview to make sure everything looks the way it's supposed to.
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    Click Publish when at the bottom of the page when the page is all complete.


  • You can also add floats for reminders using this code: <div style="position:fixed; right:45%; top:70%; overflow:visible; z-index:9999"><div style="color: black; font-family:Tahoma; background-color:white;font-size: 11pt; padding: 10px; border: 5px groove blue; -moz-border-radius: 2px">Reminder here.</font></center></div></div> Replace "Reminder here" with your reminder. Feel free to add links too.
  • Instead of trying to color the links when it won't work, you can add a character next to the links (like a star) and color code that.

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