How to Organize Your House

It may happen in increments and over time, but at some point, most homeowners take a good look around their houses and wonder how it became so messy. They know that some serious cleaning has to get done, but the task just seems so overwhelming. If you are in this category and are wondering how you can organize your house, here are some steps you can follow to get started.


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    Begin by sorting and purging. Before you can even think about how you are going to organize your house, you have to get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated over the year that is just taking up space. Go through each room in your house and throw out what you know is trash.
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    Donate gently used items. Now that you have gotten rid of the trash, you can better see what is left in each room and what items can find purpose in someone else's home. Even if you can't use toddler toys or baby pajamas anymore, it doesn't mean that other families can't benefit from your donations.
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    Schedule a garage sale. For bigger items and ones that still hold their monetary value, a garage sale is a great way to reorganize your house. If you have small furniture or a crib that you are not going to use anymore, sell them and use the proceeds toward something fun or another home improvement project.
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    Change your daily routine. Spending up to 10 minutes a day organizing a small area of your house as you go about your everyday chores will save you stress and aggravation. Since you spent all of that time sorting and purging, you don't ever want your house to get so disorganized again that you have to devote hours to repeating the task.
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    Grab something to be put away as you leave a room. Getting into the habit of taking items with you before you go to bed or take a shower leaves less to pick up later. You won't even realize that you are about to reorganize your house and your new routine won't seem like work.
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    Recruit the whole family for help. You didn't make the mess alone; you shouldn't have to organize it alone. Assign everyone a specific job or room for which they are responsible, and set up a schedule for them to follow in the days and weeks ahead for cleaning and organizing those rooms.


  • Use the one year rule: if you haven't used something or worn a piece of clothing for a year, out it goes.
  • Re-gift items that you have received and never had a use for. Another friend or family member may love it.
  • Re-assess your accessories and try to get out of the habit of displaying too many knickknacks because they take too much time out of your day to dust.

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