How to Organize Your Closet

Three Parts:Sorting Through Your ClothesOrganizing Your Clothes in Your ClosetOrganizing the Rest of Your Closet

Having an organized closet is the gateway to having an organized room and an organized life. To organize your closet, you'll have to sort through all of your clothes to determine what you really need and find the best way to reorganize your clothes and other belongings. If you want to know how to organize your closet, just follow these steps.

Part 1
Sorting Through Your Clothes

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    Remove all of the clothes from your closet. Take all of your clothes off their hangers and out of any bins or drawers in your closet. Fold them in piles on the floor or on your bed. This includes your shoes as well.
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    Decide which clothes you will keep. The clothes you will keep are the clothes that you wear on a regular basis and clothes that you would miss if they weren't in your closet. If you've worn a certain item in the last week, month, or even few months, you should hold on to it as long as it's seasonally appropriate.
    • Make a "Keep" pile for the clothes that you will keep and wear on a regular basis.
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    Decide which clothes you will store. You should store the clothes that you won't be wearing for a while because they aren't seasonally appropriate. If it's the middle of summer, you can store your winter sweaters and scarves, and if it's the dead of winter, you can store your tank tops and summer dresses.
    • You can also store clothes that may have sentimental value for you, such as a shirt your grandmother knitted for you, or an old t-shirt from your high school tennis team that no longer fits. Try to keep the sentimental value clothes to a minimum, though. Clothes are meant to be worn, after all.
    • When you're done sorting through the clothes you will store, put them in a plastic bin. You can either store them in the back of your closet, under your bed, or in a storage unit or a different part of your home if you have the room.
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    Decide which clothes you will donate or throw out. This is the hardest step, and the most important. If you want to have a truly organized closet, then your goal should be to get rid of as many items of clothing as possible. This doesn't mean you should throw out your favorite things -- it does mean that you should take a long hard look to ask yourself which clothes you will actually ever wear again.
    • If you haven't worn something in over a year and it has no sentimental value, it's time to donate it.
    • If you have an item that is so worn, covered in moth holes, or faded that you and anyone else will never wear it again, then it's time to throw it out.
    • If you have a few items of clothing that are just way too small, stop waiting for the day that they will fit and donate them.
    • Donate all of the clothes you don't need that are in good condition, or give them to a sibling or friend.
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    Clean the inside of the closet. You should do this before you put back your clothes. Vacuum or sweep the floor, wipe the walls down with all-purpose cleaner, and sweep away any cobwebs that may have accumulated there.
    • If you want to make any changes, such as painting the inside a different color or adding and removing some shelves, do it now.

Part 2
Organizing Your Clothes in Your Closet

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    Hang up your clothes and organize them. Try to hang up as many of your clothes as you can. This will make it easier for you to find your clothes and to conserve space. You should not only hang up your clothes, but you should also organize them in a particular way so you can easily find them whenever you need to. Here are some ways to organize the clothes you hang up:
    • Organize your clothes by season. If you've stored away some of your seasonal clothes, organize your clothes by season just for half the year. If it's summer, hang up your summer clothes first, followed by your fall clothes.
    • Organize your clothes by type. You can separate your tank tops, shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses.
    • Organize your work and casual clothes. Separate your work clothes from your casual clothes so you can easily get dressed for work in the morning.
    • Organize your clothes by how often you wear them. You can choose any method of organization, but hang up a few key items, like your favorite hoodie or the pair of jeans you wear all the time, in the most accessible place.
    • If you really want to step it up a notch, you can use differently colored hangers to mark a different type of clothing. For example, you can hang your tops on pink hangers, or your work clothes on green hangers.
    • You can also think about installing another pole to hang up your additional clothes.
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    Put additional clothes in other parts of your closet. Once you've hung up all of the clothes fit on your pole, you should find other parts of the closet to store the rest of your clothes. The clothes that you put in the bins should be used less frequently than the clothes you hang up, or they should be clothes that don't need to be hung up, like your workout clothes. Here are a few ideas:
    • Don't waste the space under your hanging clothes. Put a few plastic bins of clothes under the hanging clothing.
    • If you have room for a dresser, consider putting one in your closet. It will save you time and space.
    • Consider installing a closet organizer to find a more efficient way to store your remaining clothes.
    • If you have overhead space, make the most of it. Use it to store bulky sweaters, sweats, and other items that are thick and easy to spot.
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    Organize your shoes. Your shoes may take up a lot of the space in your closet, so once you've chosen which shoes you will keep, it's important to make the most of your space by storing them in the most organized and efficient manner. Here are some ways to organize the shoes in your closet:
    • Organize them by type. Separate your dress shoes, sandals, and boots.
    • Organize them by how often you wear them. Keep your favorite pair of boots, flip-flops, or sneakers in the place with the easiest access.
    • Invest in a shoe rack to place on the floor of your closet. This will make it much easier to find the pair of shoes you want.
    • Try storing your shoes in your overhead space. This is another easy way to save space.
    • If your closet has a door that opens instead of a sliding door, consider getting a hanging shoe rack.
    • If you have a front hall closet, consider putting the shoes you wear the most often there instead to save space in your personal closet.

Part 3
Organizing the Rest of Your Closet

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    Organize any boxes in your closet. If your closet is big enough, then it's likely that you've stored things other than clothes in it, such as big boxes filled with mementos, old photo albums, and CDs you haven't seen for ten years. To finish organizing your closet, you should go through these old boxes to see what you should keep and what you should toss. Here's how to do it:
    • Get rid of any papers or items you've kept for over a year that have no sentimental value.
    • Consolidate the boxes to save closet space. If your closet is already cramped, consider putting some of the items in a different place, such as putting your old high school yearbooks on the bottom of your bookshelf.
    • If you've been using cardboard boxes, trade them up for plastic bins. They will last longer and will be more visually appealing.
    • Label the boxes or bins so you know what's in them next time you move or organize your things again.
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    Organize any additional items in your closet. Take the time to go through any additional items in your closet to make sure that you still need them and that the closet is really the best place for them. Here are some examples:
    • If you find any towels, sheets, or blankets, put them in your linen closet.
    • If you've had an old lawn chair or another piece of furniture you don't really need hanging out back there, it's time to throw it out.
    • If you've had to pick up an item and spend at least fifteen seconds trying to figure out what the heck it is or why you would need it, it's time to throw it out.
    • Make sure that all of the other items you find belong in the closet and not another part of your home. For example, if you find a box of light bulbs, a box of comic books, or a box of chocolate, ask yourself if those items wouldn't be more logically organized elsewhere.
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    Make your closet more visually appealing. Turn your creativity loose and think of ways to add pleasure to the routine of getting dressed and looking through your closet every day. If you spend more time making your closet look nice, then you will be less likely to let it get messy in the future.
    • Paint your closet a soft pretty color.
    • Add mirrors for sparkle.
    • Hang jewelry and scarves where you can see them -- as long as they don't get in your way.
    • Hang up a small poster or painting that makes you smile every time you open your closet.
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  • Metal wire hangers are not considered the best choice. Plastic, wood, or fabric-covered are less likely to cause discoloration or other issues.
  • Hang your clothes with the opening of the hanging part of the hanger toward you. When you wear an item, put it back in normally, so 4 -6 months later, you can go through your closet and target hangers still backwards and decide whether you want to keep the clothes or donate them.
  • Having the same color hangers make the closet look more organized
  • You can also organize your clothes by color or design.
  • Over-the-door shoe racks are a great way of saving space compared to on-ground shoe racks.
  • Put all panties in a container. Put all bras in a separate container.
  • Every season, go through the clothes you have and decide whether they would fit the next time that season comes around. If not, you could donate or toss it, while saving you time for the following year.
  • Keep you entertained by playing music or making it like a game can make organizing your wardrobe more fun.
  • you can organize tops by sleeve length.
  • You can consider installing an additional pole in your closet if you have room for it.
  • Plastic milk crate containers make excellent impromptu organizational tools. They're stackable, perfect for bulky items like sweaters or sweatshirts, shoes, and more.
  • If you have some space in your closet. You can put a dresser with lots of clothes on it.
  • Sort clothes by color to make it look more creative.
  • If you hook on of the can soda pop top onto the hanger, you can hang another item, creating a bit more rod space.

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