How to Organize Work Space

stub|date=2015-05-27}}Do you have a disorganized -- even cluttered -- work space? Read these tips to help you achieve a more effective work area.


  1. Image titled Clear off the space Step 1
    Clear off the space completely. Take everything off the desk or other work surfaces. Put items temporarily on the floor or on your bed.
  2. Image titled Sort everything Step 2
    Sort everything. Look at each paper and see if you still need it. Throw away everything you don't need, and keep what you do. Items you're not sure about should be set aside in a safe place for further review.
  3. Image titled Look at your supplies Step 3
    Look at your supplies. Do you need any new pencils, pens, rulers, or stationery? Throw or give away anything you no longer need or use.
  4. Image titled Binder Step 4
    Dedicate appropriate space for papers you need. Get a specific folder or binder for every class. Put papers into designated folders.
  5. Image titled Put everything on the desk Step 5
    Put everything back on the desk. After you are done organizing put everything on the desk. Place things by priority. The more frequently you use an item the easier it should be to retrieve.


  • Your work space should feature a lamp for working at night.
  • Set aside -- but don't dispose of -- papers you're not sure about. Your teacher may decide to ask for them later.
  • Have an atlas for those hard-to-answer geography questions.

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