How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

Many people may be scared to know what's under their bathroom sink and how old those things are. You know that you stash your unused things or cleaning supplies for the house, but you also know that you need to battle this "crammed" area by organizing it.


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    Take out everything from under the sink and take a look at what you have.
    Assess what you have.
    • Toss out anything that you do not need or use, in addition to the things that are expired (even if it's your favorite product).
    • Work with categories for example body, sun, face, hair, and cleaning products.
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    Look at the space under the bathroom sink and assess it.
    Think about what products should go back under there, what products can go into your medicine cabinet or drawers, and what products belong in different areas of the house. Make a note on what products you need at your fingertips (easily accessed) and what products can be stored away in the back.
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    Keep your groups together.
    Use plastic containers to keep things organized and dry. Use plastic baggies for small items. Don't be afraid of a little trial and error - take the time to figure out the best system for you.

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