How to Organize Toys

Are your kid's toys thrown around the whole house?


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    Gather all the toys in one room. Go around the house to find all the toys. Look under the beds, behind the sofa, in the bathroom, or in your yard. They could be everywhere!
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    Sort the toys. Make one pile of action figures, one pile for stuffed animals, one pile of dolls, one pile for tiny toys and generally make a pile for each sort of toy. Make sure you have a bag in which you put in toys that are broken, so you can throw them away later. A pile for toys your kid never plays with will be useful too.
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    Make a list. How many piles do you have? Are there many toys in this pile? Write down on a paper the type of the pile, and next to it write what kind of box you will need.
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    Shopping time! Go to the stores and buy plastic boxes for the toys. Use the list you made previously to decide the size of the boxes you need. Also, buy some paper stickers, you will need them later.
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    Put the toys in the boxes. Once again, use the list you made in step 3. Put all the toys in the appropriate boxes.
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    Say what's in each box. Write on the paper stickers the content of the boxes. Stick each sticker on the outside of the box on which it should be.
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    Store the boxes in the kid's room. Under the bed, in the wardrobe, on a corner which isn't used. Make sure your kid can open the boxes and reach all of his/her toys.
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    Sit back and enjoy your house. It has no more toys thrown in every room!


  • You can clean the toys if they are dirty.
  • Boxes with colourful covers are awesome! They can make the kid's room look better.
  • If you find transparent boxes, you don't need to buy stickers to write what's in every box.


  • Your child may throw his/her toys everywhere again.
  • If the boxes are too difficult to open, your kid will always call you to get him/her the toys.

Things You'll Need

  • Toys
  • Boxes
  • Paper stickers (optional)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Plastic bag for broken toys

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