How to Organize Papers, Books and Objects in a Bedroom

Five Parts:Initial tidyingTidying papersSorting booksOrganizing other items in the roomAdding decorative effects

While not everyone likes keeping more than bedroom items in their bedroom, for teens and children there is often no other choice, while for some people, it's desirable to have books, binders and breakables in the room along with the bed and clothing. If you're in the position of having a lot of things in your bedroom space and a need to organize them all, this article will be of help.

Part 1
Initial tidying

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    Do a clean out and place all the papers, folders, books and other materials you don't want anymore, or don't really need, into piles. If you don't need it, but you still want it, put in one pile. If you don't want it, put it in a separate pile.
    • Consider the potential for reuse. The things you don't want could be reused for anything. You could make turn things into paper-mâché, or you could crumple them up for packing boxes. Anything you can think of. If you really can't think of anything, don't throw it away. Instead, recycle it. This will allow the paper to be reused for something more usable than paper-mâché, or maybe less usable, but sturdier.
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    Leave what you do want in its pile. For now, leave it alone somewhere where it cannot get in your way.

Part 2
Tidying papers

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    Get all the paper that you can draw, write, paint with, or use in any other way. Put it all into a pile, and put it on the very side of your desk. Choose any side you want.
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    Buy a whole bunch of binders, preferably enough to take up the whole space of one of the shelves in your room. If you already have enough to do that, you can just use those binders.
    • Label all the binders, for example, you could label one binder "Important Stuff," and another binder "Homework and Schoolwork," while yet another binder could be labeled "Puzzles and Games."
    • When you're done labeling, sort everything you have into the binders by what the labels say. So all your schoolwork and homework, and all other related things, should be put into "Homework and Schoolwork." Then, puzzles and games to do, and all other related things, should go in "Puzzles and Games."
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    Do the same thing with folders. You can label them, then slide them into the shelf, only you can have more. With folders, you may not be able to get enough. It's okay if you don't fill up the whole shelf with folders. If half of the shelf is filled, that's good enough. At least a quarter of the shelf should be filled.

Part 3
Sorting books

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    Sort the books. If you have books in your bedroom, sort them (in alphabetical order if you like) on the shelves very neatly. When you take out a book, always put it back in its correct place. Make sure you fit as many oops on each shelf as possible-the self should be about to burst, but if you have a shelf that bursts, cracks or breaks easily, don't even try putting oops on the shelf like that. You can even put books on shelves in the order you like them.
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    Ensure that the shelves look very organized. This will make lots of space for other stuff. Put small trinkets in a box, and put it on the shelf. If you have smaller trinkets that you want to display, put them where you want to display them, but make them organized! You can even sort them by popularity, color, or alphabetical order (if possible.) If you find a small spot that you think could have a little something in it, place a small trinket from the box there, if any can fit.

Part 4
Organizing other items in the room

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    Use boxes, containers, and hooks to store and tidy. Put all your things that won't fit on the shelf right in a box, even label the box if you would like to. If most of your things are in a box, things not be so cluttered. Same thing with containers. Hooks, however, can be used t hang many things, and if you have something with a bunch of hooks attached to it, it can be a jewelry hanger, if you want one. Other hooks can hold hats, coats, pants, skirts, even some shoes, socks (though that would seem pretty abnormal,) and other clothing items. Handbags too.
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    Have just a few minimal essentials on your side table, like an alarm clock or a phone if you have one. It's okay if you have some things on your bed, like blankets, quilts, extra pillows, stuffed animals, etc. but it's not okay at all to have other unrelated things on your bed, such as blocks, candy, Legos, electronics, or Barbies. All of those things go on shelves. If you do have those things on your bed, however, you may get easily poked when you're trying to sleep.Tidy up your bed, and if you would like to, under your bed.

Part 5
Adding decorative effects

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    Add a few items without cluttering the look. Wall decals are awesome, and so are posters and other things to make the wall look great. But don't overdo posters, because some are un-removable, some will leave marks when removed, and some will even leave half of them behind, stuck on the wall, that you won't be able to get off unless you redo the whole area. A few posters in each area-5 is great-is okay, but not everywhere, and especially not so much posters that you can't see what color the wall is.


  • Debris is very likely to get under your bed, especially if you are near your bed constantly, doing stuff. You should clean under your bed daily, unless you like it that way, then you won't have to clean that out, or you have a ton of things under your bed that you don't plan to clean out, which in that case, you wouldn't need to clean out debris because it would just be hidden by the various items under your bed.

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