How to Organize Gift Wrap Rolls

Those unruly rolls of wrapping paper falling out of closets and underneath beds can not only become an eyesore but frustrating when it comes time to wrap a gift. Instead of putting up with an unorganized gift wrap area, fashion a system that will keep those gift wrap rolls in tidy order. Using the back of a door in your home, create a system that will allow you not only hang and organize your wrapping paper, but will provide you with a way to quickly view the patterns and colors.


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    Identify an area where you will keep your wrapping paper rolls. If drawer space is at a premium, consider hanging the rolls behind a bedroom door or, better yet inside a closet door.
    • Consider the number of wrapping paper rolls you need to maintain. The number of rolls may dictate how you craft your organizational structure. Also, go through wrapping paper—you may be hanging on old paper that is either damaged or you no longer like.
    • Find a permanent organizational home. Instead of shoving more rolls in a drawer or under the bed and just stockpiling, consider identifying a place where you can permanently allow your wrapping paper to live. Also, another consideration is housing it near the place where you wrap gifts. You don’t need to create a gift wrapping room like the Spelling family, but house the paper near an area conducive for wrapping (for example, don’t make the gift wrapping home in the basement if you typically wrap presents in your bedroom on the second floor).
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    Select your hardware. Essentially you’ll be using a kitchen or bathroom towel or shower curtain rack and shower curtain clips mounted on the back of your door so select hardware you can live with for some time.
    • Measure the width of your door before choosing the towel/curtain rack. You will want a bar that is long enough to span the width of the door without being too small or too big.
    • Consider the number of wrapping paper rolls you’ll need to hang. If you only have a few in circulation you’ll only need one rack. However, if you are the Martha Stewart of the neighborhood with wrapping paper for nearly every occasion, think about purchasing multiple racks. In fact after you purchase one rack space out the number of gift wrap rolls you can comfortably fit on one rack on the door before buying additional racks.
    • Purchase hardware that compliments your room style. Even though this organizational system will most likely be housed on the back of a closet door you still want to use something that is not only made of quality materials, but aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest rack and clips you can find—you’ll need this system for more than a few weeks or months.
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    Consider adding a rack for other gift wrap tools. Find that you run all over the house looking for scissors, tape, tags and ribbon? Bring everything together by hanging a rack and keeping accessories together.
    • Purchase small matching containers to hold ribbons, tape and scissors. Keep all elements separate and purchase a small pail or basket to hold your other items. Just make sure either you can hang the container from the towel rack or it comes ready made with hooks.
    • Don’t forget about including special pens and note cards in your system. Doing this will expedite the last minute gifting process. That way you can wrap your gift and swiftly add a note card, signed with a fine ink pen within minutes.
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    Hang the racks on the chosen doors. You may have more than one door holding wrapping paper racks so follow directions on how to mount the hardware on the box.
    • Carefully space multiple racks to allow for wrapping paper to hang down between racks. If possible, hang the first rack as high as possible on the door, clip the wrapping paper to the rack using shower curtain clips and then add your next rack.
    • Consider adding small spacers between wrapping paper rolls in order to avoid having them slide back and forth. If you only have a few rolls of wrapping paper and the paper slides back and forth on the rack every time you open the door, consider purchasing small rubber spacers to hold each clip in place.


  • Purchase extra shower curtain clips and hooks so you can easily add new rolls of wrapping paper to your stash.
  • Regardless of the type of rack you choose, make sure it can be mounted on a door.
  • Consider using an electric screwdriver to mount the towel rack—not only will it make for a cleaner mount, it will make the project easier.
  • Organize multiple rolls of wrapping paper into sections—holiday, birthday, general, etc. for fast and easy access.


  • Avoid overloading one rack--it could compromise the integrity of the rack and could possibly break.

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