How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

Many people find it challenging to keep their bathroom cabinets neat and orderly. With the morning rush that happens on most days, knowing where to find things would definitely help in lessening your morning prep time. By following a few simple hints on organizing, you can take charge of the messy state of your bathroom cabinets and keep your belongings organized.


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    Take out all of the products and items from your bathroom cabinets and place them in a single pile. This way, you would be able to have a general idea of the volume and inventory of items in the cabinets.
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    Get a trash bag, and throw out any old or expired items, including medicines, toiletries and makeup. Toss out as well any empty product containers or those which may have mildew forming, such as old shampoo and perfume bottles.
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    Assess the remaining products, and decide if there are some things which you can do away with. These may include items which may still be in good condition but you rarely or never use. Give away these items to those who can use them.
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    Segregate and group together the remaining items into categories. The categories may differ depending on the variety of products that you own, but some examples may include:
    • Facial skin care products
    • Body care products
    • Bath products
    • Hair care products
    • Makeup
    • Medicines
    • Oral care products
    • Nail care items
    • Shaving products
    • Perfumes
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    Get some storage containers that will fit your cabinet space. You can use these to store your segregated products. Container types may include plastic baskets, clear plastic containers with lids, or other containers around your home, which you can re-purpose and use in your bathroom.
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    Label the containers of the segregated products to make things easier to find.
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    Put the containers in the cabinets. Place containers of products that you use often in the front, and lesser used products at the back.


  • It takes conscious effort to maintain the orderly state of your bathroom cabinets. Make sure to return your items in their proper places after use.
  • Measure the space in your cabinets. Measure as well the space that your items will be taking up in containers. This way, if you decide to go out and buy containers for the cabinets, you can be sure that your items will fit, and that the containers will fit in the cabinets.

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