How to Organize and Store Pot Lids

Do you know which lid is the match for each pot? Do pots and pans come flying from the cabinet every time you open the door because pot and pan lids clutter the shelves? Unless you top each pot with its lid before you store it, there is a better way to maintain lids.


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    Organize your pot and pan supply. Before you begin to find a home for the lids, take inventory of what you currently have and use.
    • Discard any sets that are damaged, peeling or cracked.
    • Match a lid to each pot or pan.
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    Assess your cabinet space. Determine if every pot and pan has a home in your kitchen. This is also a good time to identify the best fit for pots and pans as some cabinets may be a better home than others.
    • Use the deep, tall cabinets for your larger stock pots and pans (like woks).
    • Size up the flow of how you plan to house your pots and pans. Is putting the large stock pots in the cabinet next to saucepans work going to be the best position for how you cook? Think about the pots you use the most and place them in a cabinet that is most convenient to you when you cook.
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    Count the number of pot lids you have along with the size and shape. Like your pots and pans, not all lids are the same shape and size. For an easy assessment, make three different piles--small, medium and large lids.
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    Determine the number of lids that will fit easily on the back of your cabinet door. Hold the lids up to the door to give you a rough idea of how many lids may fit.
    • Take width into consideration when doing your assessment.
    • Try to match the lid to the pot or pan located in that particular cabinet.
    • Measure the cabinet doors to help you determine the rack length.
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    Purchase towel racks based on your assessments. Head to the home store and pick up mountable towel racks that will mounted on the back of each cabinet door. You should have an idea of the length of the cabinet door and the number of racks needed for your project.
    • Choose a heavy-duty rack so that it holds the lids in place.
    • Read the directions on how the rack will be mounted to ensure the system won’t interfere with the cabinet door (i.e. drilling a screw or nail that could puncture the outside of the cabinet).
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    Mount the racks to the back of each cabinet. Make sure you have a very sturdy fit before sliding your pot lids into place. The lid should slide downward and get caught in the rack by the lid top.
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  • Add a strip of felt (or the same material used to protect wood floors from furniture) along the area where the pot lids connect with the cabinet. This will reduce any noise of the lids clanking around when you open the door, and eliminates scratches along the cabinet.

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