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Trying to create/organize an art show can be very difficult if you don't know what you're doing. By following these tips and steps, you'll be putting on an art show in no time!


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    Find a venue. Cafes are great places to have art shows. Try talking to the owners. If they don't have art on their walls, try introducing them to the idea. Not only will it make them look good (by supporting local art), you will have a place to exhibit your art. Try any place; local shops, libraries, restaurants and galleries might also be willing to give you a try. You might want to call in advance and set up an appointment. Make sure to smile and wear nice clothes. If you have a business card (easily made on a computer) then they can call you in the future.
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    Generate publicity using the press. Remember that publicity gets you far--having articles written about you can help you get into college, get a job etc. Press packets are fairly easy to make. They should be sent to reporters at all of your local newspapers. Read through each newspaper and pick a journalist you think would be interested in your story. This journalist could be the art writer, culture writer, teenage writer or an editor.
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    Make press packets including the following:
    • A letter to the reporter introducing yourself (it's helpful to write about how much you like the newspaper or an article written by the reporter)
    • Snapshots of one or two of your pieces
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    • Copies of any newspaper articles you were in
    • A one-page artist biography (info about yourself and your work)
    • A resume (include biographical dates, education, any group shows you've been in, any awards or prizes you've received--even scholarships)
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    • A press release (include your name, title of the art show, the address of the venue, how many days the exhibit will run, and how many hours each day)
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    Create invitations for the opening. Have a big opening and invite everyone you know. Make postcards with a picture of your work on the front and your show's info on the back. Make about 400. For your opening, you are probably going to serve food - one or two platters of crackers, fruit, or cheese should be sufficient. If you are going to have your opening in a cafe, talk with the owner about what you should bring--he/she may not want you to bring drinks or certain kinds of food.


  • If you feel like this is an "overload," get someone to help you. Thank, credit, and/or pay that person as appropriate, or recruit a fellow artist and return the favour.
  • Enjoy yourself, and have a good time.


  • While preparing your press packet, try to make yourself sound as successful and impressive as possible, but do not lie about anything.
  • Do not steal anyone's work.

Things You'll Need

  • Art
  • A venue
  • Press packet collateral
  • Refreshments
  • Invitations
  • Assistants or friends (optional)

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