How to Organize a Stress Free Kid's Party

Do what makes you and your child happy. Don't copy other families. Maybe their party was expensive, but was it enjoyable? Did the birthday girl/boy enjoyed it? Evaluate what would enjoyable for your child and what would be not. Your main aim is to make the party enjoyable not to spend money.


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    Timing.Give yourself 2 months lead time if possible. Most party places book at least 2 months in advance. Park reservations will need to be made ahead of time, if you have chosen a popular park during the warmer months. If you have opted for a home party, you’ll need a little extra time to work out the details that party facilities will handle for you.
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    R.S.V.P. Invite your family and friends. For kids under 5 keep the list to 10 kids under 5. Send out a save the date 2 months out and then an invite 1 month ahead. If you email and don’t get a response, be sure to call personally. Not everyone is computer savvy.
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    Location. Plan what will be fun for both the children and adults.
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    Add the excitement. Make them excited to come to be invited to your party. If you choose the park, bring comfy chairs for your guests. For a home party, make sure you have ample seating and room to move around. For a party place, visit the facility and take a tour. If your party is mostly kids, go for the kid play park. If the number of adults outweigh the kids, make sure you account for this in your choice of location. Don't be afraid to ask guests for ideas ahead of time.
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    Food. Keep it simple. Provide your child’s favorite dish , order pizza for convenience and easy clean up. Throw in healthy foods like fruit and veggie plates. If you have favorite family recipes by all means, cook it up. It will be a nice gesture, but don’t make this your focal point. Your focal point is your little one’s big day and he or she will want your full attention.
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    Decorations. If your child wants a Dora The Explorer party, purchase Dora plates, pink and orange balloons, and a Dora designed cake. The rest of the time the child will be busy playing.
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    Goody bags. Approach with caution. Pick one thing that fits your theme and make it special. For a train-themed party, purchase kids train hats with their names on them.
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    Plan specific activities. The best way is to integrate having the kids make the favors. Have them paint a shirt, plant a flower,or decorate a bouncy ball. They will cherish their work and have fun making it too.
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    Entertainment. You only need one. If you're having the party at a park, the play is mostly taken care of. To mark the special occasion, set up one structured activity that makes the day special. Piñatas are always a hit, just proceed with caution around children and the bat. If you are having a home party, you may want to opt for a few more activities to keep the kids busy. Otherwise your house becomes “The “Park” and could suffer some serious damage. Keep the kids playing party games and your home will survive. If you really want to have a clown, face painting, a singer, or have “Dora” show up check with the facility hosting your party. They should be able to get you a much better deal on added entertainment.
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    Budget.If you plan on providing entertainment treats, & a full meal for each guest you are looking at between 10-20 dollars a head. Take into account what you can afford. You may find that an all inclusive party place will cost the same of a fully catered home party. The park party may cost the least but require the most logistical preparation. Do you have more money or more time? Can you let someone else handle the details, or do you prefer being included in all aspects?
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    Don't forget cake!


  • If you are having a lot of kids over, try to enlist some of your friends to help keep everything under wraps.
  • Be prepared for unexpected surprises and plan ahead so they are less likely to happen- little Susie is less likely to vomit from eating too much if you deny her a fourth piece of cake
  • Have fun!
  • Don't stress out- it only upsets the kids. The party can't be perfect


  • Make sure the party boy/girl likes at least 75 to 80% of the food on the menu.
  • Don't buy too much food -kids don't eat that much
  • Let the kids have fun. If you don't get to play that last game you planned because the kids are happy playing by themselves, oh well. So you don't spend any unnecessary money, play all the games you bought something for first, leaving the other games till the end!
  • If the kid does something bad don't punish him/her on their big day in front of their friends. It will make the adults think that you are the bad parent at the birthday party.

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