How to Organize a Pep Rally

There is no better way to energize a crowd and motivate a sports team than a pep rally. These occur in schools all over the country, and careful organization is required for it to succeed as there are several important factors that should be considered in planning such a rally, outlined below.


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    Choose a Location. Though in most cases the location is fixed, the best places include the school gym or the stadium. Make sure that the location has enough room to hold a large crowd and give enough space for the participants to perform.
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    Choose the Time and Length of the event. Usually a rally takes place before a major event and the organizers have no say in this matter, you can make sure that the rally is conducted after school hours so as to not disturb ongoing classes. Also make sure that the rally is not too lengthy.
    • A lengthy rally can drain the energy of those who are participating. Keep it short and simple and don't go over the hour's mark.
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    Choose the participants. Involve various groups of the school, include the cheerleading squad,dancers and a band if possible. Make sure the people you choose are energetic and loud while still being responsible enough.
    • A rally may go out of control if the wrong type of people are chosen.
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    Start practicing as early as you can. The more practice you have, the more flawless the rally will be. Make the dancers and cheerleaders go over their routines. Hold rehearsals regularly if possible.
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    Make it loud. A pep rally is energetic, giddy and full of fun. Make it loud by including music, yells and chants. Include the band, they are sure to make it loud!
    • Make every second of the rally packed with excitement, don't let even a moment of it be dull.
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    Make it colorful. The rally has to attract attention. Make the participants wear bright colored clothes, use banners and shiny pom poms to make the rally a whirlwind of color.
    • Use face paints on the participants. Colors used in the team's logo are a good choice.
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    Make it packed with action. A good rally is never a dull one. Think out of the box when coming up with routines. Take regular routines like headstands or human pyramids and create variations to wow your audience.
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    Prepare for worst case scenarios. The event may be called off, or may be postponed. Though these two event are not major challenges, you need to prepare if the event is postponed, as the team may not have enough practice. So make sure you arrange for practices as often as you can.
    • One of the participants may not show up, so always have backups to take their place if needed.


  • Include games if you can. The Candy Slogan game is usually fun.
  • A rally can also hold an award ceremony, awarding the best teachers, players or contributors.
  • Try role reversal, where players act as the cheerleaders while the cheerleaders hold the football (or basketball) during the performance.


  • While rallies are full of excitement and fun, they are never out of control. Make sure there are adequate measures to keep things under control.
  • Make sure the performance reflects good sportsmanship and does not make fun of the other team

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