How to Organize a Medicine Cabinet Using a Spice Rack

A spice rack can be used not only for organizing spices. It can be very well used to organize a medicine cabinet especially if you take a lot of medications. A spice rack makes all the medicine very organized and easily found. This article will help you through this process.


  1. 1
    Reserve one (lowest) kitchen cabinet because they give more space, and will add an extra tier.

  2. 2
    Sort out your medications by these categories:
    • Daily medicine
    • Every other day medicine
    • Occasional (as needed) medicine
  3. 3
    Place a spice rack into the kitchen cabinet and push it all the way to the back to make a space at the very front - it will give you an extra tier.
  4. Image titled Med cabinet top tier
    Place all the "as needed" medication bottles on the top back tier since you are NOT going to use it daily (see a top row shown by arrow).
  5. Image titled Med cabinet middle tier
    Place all the "every other day" medication bottles on the middle tier, since it also can be used for some every day medicines (see a middle row shown by arrow).
  6. Image titled Med cabinet low tier
    Place all the "daily" medication bottles on the low tier as shown on the picture by arrow.
  7. Image titled Med cabinet extra tier
    You have a little extra space which makes some extra "tier" for the smaller medication bottles (shown on the image)
  8. 8
    Most likely, there will be a spare room to the right of the rack. Use it for the all kind of medical things that do not fit any of those 3 categories. Examples: nasal inhaler, band-aid, ear drops etc.

    Image titled Miscellaneous med.JPG


  • It's a good idea to label the similar looking pharmacy bottles (by name) to create a real eye catcher. You can find a cheap label makers at WalMart and other stores.
  • Benefit of this "rack organized" medicine is tremendous. Example: If for any reason you are away from home (few days hospital stay) and you need your regular medicine that allowed by the doctor on duty, just give a "road map" to your loved ones who is going to visit you, which tier it is located on.

Things You'll Need

  • Stair style 3 tier spice rack
  • All your medications
  • Label maker (optional)

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