How to Organize a Living Room

A living room is usually the first thing a guest sees when he or she walks into your home. It is important that, in order to give a good first impression, you must have order in your living room. Read on to find out how to achieve cleanliness in your family room.


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    Gather everything that is out of place in your living room and put it into a huge pile. This will make cleaning less overwhelming because you know exactly what needs to be done. This is a general idea for cleaning any room; putting it all into a pile
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    Play some music. This is only optional . Music helps you enjoy what you are doing.
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    Get a damp cloth . Wipe down your TV, windows, and coffee table (only if it is glass). Smudge marks are unsightly, and they look dirty.
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    Organize DVDs, video game discs and consoles, and your general entertainment center area. Mess tends to be prominent in the television area. Discs and cases are carelessly left on the floor, making you look lazy. Tidy up this area.
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    Clean underneath and inside the couch. This is a dirty task, but it must be done if you don't want any future house guests to accidentally pull out an empty chip bag from in between the cushions. Also, dust and allergens can gather in this area, which makes the air your family breathes unhealthy.
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    Clean off all tabletops and chairs. The only things that should be on chairs and couches are pillows. There really shouldn't be much on your coffee table except for a box of tissues and the TV remote.
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    Organize the front door area of your living space. Shoes should be neatly lined up on a carpet area, or better yet, in a closet hidden from view. Otherwise, there should be nothing else to clog up the entryway to your home.
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    Clear the windowsills. Cups and other items should can potentially block the view out of your home, and looking in, it makes your house look sloppy.
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    Time to clean up that pile. Put everything back in its assigned place. If it doesn't have a specific place, put it in a storage container if you don't use it a lot. Don't throw it away, just get it out of the way.


  • Put on loud, upbeat music while you clean. Keep the TV off, as it tends to break your concentration.
  • Place a squirt bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at your door to prevent the spread of germs in your house.


  • Don't be obsessive about organizing your living room. It won't be worth it. If you have perfectionism, then you may need to control it.

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