How to Organize a Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Thousands of little girls are big fans of Hello Kitty, the white and pink colored cute little imaginary character created by the Japanese company Sanrio. From merchandise to party supplies, there can never be a shortage of Hello Kitty themed products. If your daughter adores this fictional cat girl a Hello Kitty birthday theme party is something that you must consider. Here are some steps that can help you.

Method 1

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    Build the excitement for your daughter’s big day by sending out creative invitations. You can get ready-made invitations at any nearby party supplies store or many online stores. If you have time and want to make your own invitations, here are a few suggestions
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    Make a few postcards out of dark pink or red cardstock. Fold them in half and, on the upper side, paste your daughter’s picture with her Hello Kitty toy or wearing a Hello Kitty dress.
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    Decorate the borders with glitters using glue.
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    On the inner side, write your party message along with RSVP information.
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    Print some images of this cute cat and paste them on pink cardstock to make postcards. Use your artistic skills to decorate it. For example; you can add some glitter, add a tulle bow to the card, etc. On the reverse side, write your party message in fancy language.

Method 2

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    Use your daughter’s theme toys as centerpieces and tie balloons to them.
    • Balloons can spruce up any party, especially ones for kids.
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    Use a lot of theme foil balloons along with solid colored latex balloons of pink and white in color.
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    Get some Hello Kitty party supplies such as the table cover, plates, cups, lunch napkins, etc. This will help you to have this fictional character everywhere.
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    Hang cutouts of this feline’s head from the ceiling.
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    Make a large bow out of cardboard and cover it with pink and white polka dot paper to make it look like Hello Kitty’s bow. Hang it from the ceiling at the center of the party area.

Method 3

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    Have pink and white food such as strawberry flavored yogurt, watermelon juice or shake, apple pie, pink and white cupcakes.
    • Pink popcorn you can color them by adding food color to melted butter and then mixing the popcorn with this colored butter.
    • Bow-tie shaped macaroni salad
    • Make Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Method 4
Party activities

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    Don’t touch that kitty: this is similar to the hot potato game except that you will use a Hello Kitty toy.
    • Have the little kitties sit in a circle and ask them to pass the toy when the music is being played.
    • When the music stops, the girl having the toy in her hand will be out.
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    Find the mice: This is just like treasure hunt where the cute kittens will have to find the stuffed mice that you have hidden around that party area.
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    A pull string piñata will add a lot of fun to your celebration.

Method 5
Party favours

  • Hello kitty headbands
  • candy clips
  • lace clips
  • jewelry set
  • pink colored change purse, etc.
    • These are all good choices for filling the loot bags.

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