How to Organize a Family Command Center

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, you might be thinking that no one warned you a management degree is required to organize your family's appointments, deadlines, schedules, chores, homework, important papers, meals, and basically everything. Thinking about how you would like your family to work is called family management. Simply read the article below to discover how to set up a centrally located command center that will get your whole family organized and on the same page year round.


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    Find the Right Spot. Finding the right spot to set up your family command center is key. The location should be a zone every family member passes through daily. For example, do not place the family command center by the front door no one uses, in a binder on the counter, in the laundry room no one uses except you, or where stinky pets or trash are located. The family command center should be out in plain sight, where it takes more effort to avert your eyes from the center than to just look at it as you pass by.
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    Determine the Command Center Essentials. There is such a thing as too much information, so it is imperative that you create your family command center like a federal agent, only disclosing information on a need-to-know basis. For example, do not crowd the family command center with cute greeting cards from grandma or use the spot as a catch all dumping ground. Use this prime location for:
    • A family calendar
    • Inboxes and outboxes for each family member (for mail, papers to be signed and returned, and homework)
    • Weekly chore/task list
    • Weekly dinner menu
    • Items-needed shopping list
    • Non-school-age kid's daily routine or schedule
    • Daily notes to each other (depending on the age and maturity level of the kids/adults in the house, you may need to edit this board for content)
    • Home for keys, phones and wallets
    • Lunchbox and backpack intake
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    Gather Supplies. Once you know what needs to be in the family command center, search your own house first to see if you have any organizational items that can be used to create this space. Look for:
    • Baskets and crates
    • File boxes of all sizes
    • Wall pockets
    • Clipboards
    • Wall hooks (command hooks)
    • Picture frames
    • Cork board, whiteboard, chalkboard or magnetic board and accompanying accessories including push pins, dry erase marker, chalk, eraser, and magnets
    • Mirror (for last minute hair and makeup checks before dashing out the door)
    • Clock
    • Charging station for electronics (try having the whole family dock their phones at the family command center to increase quality family time and restful sleep)
    • Organizational furniture including a bench, cubbies, shelving, and a dresser, table or cabinet.
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    Determine the Design. There are endless possibilities for how to set up a family command center. It is important to set up the space so that it looks clean, uncluttered, and organized. Think about how the family needs to use the space and place the separate components accordingly.
    • For example, if you are the one who will be updating the family calendar with everyone's activities, place it higher up on the wall where it will be visible to all, but not accidentally erased. If younger children need a place to unpack their lunch boxes, backpacks and papers, place hooks and inboxes lower to the ground for easy access.
    • For some great crafty tips and pics on how to set up your own family command center check out Pinterest, Remodelaholic, Domestically Speaking, Getsnazzy, or even just search google images Google for "Family Command Center."
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    Set up the Center. Make sure to secure all hooks, folders, baskets and shelving to the wall using the correct equipment so that it stands up to the abuse your family will inflict throughout the year.
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    Train Your Family. Once your family command center is installed, looking beautiful and functional, train your family on the new organizational system. Your new system will not stand a chance unless the whole family is on board.
    • The first week or two, you will have to act as "the enforcer" and gently remind your family on how to use the system. Keep calm and carry on reminding them, and pretty soon the family command center will become an integral part of how your family functions. It will almost magically bring family members closer together, increase communication, and keep stress at an all-time low by establishing reassuring family routines.


  • Can reduce stress
  • Will increase quality family time
  • May result in less yelling during the morning routine

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