How to Organize a Closet Clearance Sale

After sorting all those clothes during your closet clearance, you'll no doubt have clothes left over that you no longer want to have. You could donate them but you might also prefer to try to raise a little extra money for yourself by selling the unwanted clothing.


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    Finish sorting your clothes. Take the clothes you don’t wear and which are in good enough condition to sell. Clothes which are ragged or dirty can’t be sold, so either use them as rags or give to a charity that recycles clothing into rags.
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    Find a place to organize your sale. Do it at home if you have enough room, such as your front yard, garden or garage. On the other hand, if you don't have enough space at home, you might consider renting a room near your home and sharing the cost with other people who are selling clothes.
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    Advertise. Advertising is a very important aspect of ensuring the success of your sale. If you don’t advertise, nobody will come to your sale. If you want to see many people at your sale, you can advertise with your friends on a social network or with posters. If you have many people at your sale, you have a better chance of selling your clothes.
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    Prepare your clothes for display. Display them the right way, so that they sell better. For example:
    • Hang clothes on racks if possible.
    • Do not clutter anything. Few people enjoy rummaging through piles of clothing.
    • Divide clothes by sizes and gender if relevant. For example, put boys 8-10 in one space, girls 12-14 in another and women's 10, 12, 14, etc. in another area.
    • Keep shoes in pairs. Place in an easily accessed row.
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    Provide a fitting room. Customers won't all simply eyeball the clothes and hope they'll fit. Many will like to try on the clothes to check the fit.
    • Hang a curtain in a corner spot, or use a garage toilet or similar area. Do not place the changing area near valuables or where the buyers can access the inside of your house.
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    Welcome your customers.You can prepare refreshments for your guests. If you host them properly, they will want to come to your next sale. At the end of your sale, if you haven’t sold all your clothes you can give all the clothes to your friends who are interested or give them to a charity like Emmaus or the Red Cross.


  • The more clothes you have, the better.
  • You could sell closet clearance clothes online too; it could be your selling angle, simply tell readers that you have many more clothes being auctioned at the moment, as a result of your recent closet clearance. This encourages them to click on your profile and find all your other sales.

Things You'll Need

  • Hanging racks
  • Coat hangers
  • Clean clothing
  • Price tags
  • A money holding box or purse
  • Change (plenty of it)
  • Friends and family to help take the money and answer questions

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