How to Organise a Linen Closet

Organising the linen closet so that it works well for the household is a useful activity. Once done, it should be easy to keep the linen closet well organised for the future.


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    Have as many shelves as possible. This makes the linen closet the most useful. Shelves allow you to organise vertically, not just stacking things. You can easily by hanging shelves from most major retailers like target, which are cost-effective ways to maximise space.
    • Spacing between shelves should be about 40 centimeter (15.7 in) height. This allows for stacking and easy access. Any taller and the piles will be too tall and will topple easily.
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    Sort linen into types or groups. Put towels together, sheets together, pillow cases together, etc.
    • Another method is to create piles or shelves by room, such as master bedroom, child's bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, dining room, etc.
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    Make use of containers, boxes, etc. to keep like objects grouped together. Baskets, plastic containers, pull-out drawers on wheels, etc., all make great dividing containers to keep items separate. Towels, face washers, tablecloths, tea towels, and serviettes (napkins) will all fit into these containers easily, and can then be labelled to easily organise them.
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    Place the least used items at the very top of the linen closet. For example, sleeping bags, picnic rugs, guest sheets, dining table linen, etc. can all go up the top.
    • Try to keep infrequently used linen in packaging or bags for added protection and organisation.
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    Place heavier items on the floor of the linen closet. This is where you can keep your sewing machine, small appliances, a picnic basket, sewing items, etc.
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    Make use of the door space in a linen closet for small items. Hang wire baskets on the door; just check that the door shuts easily into the linen closet first. This can hold sewing items, feather dusters, light bulbs, shoelaces, fabric or name markers, etc. for easy finding.


  • Avoid storing linen in the bathroom. The linen closet should be in a hallway, bedroom, or somewhere else where there is no moisture.

Things You'll Need

  • Baskets
  • Plastic containers
  • Wire baskets
  • Bags or spare pillowcases to wrap linen in

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