How to Order a Dumpster

When ordering a dumpster, there are some key things to keep in mind: price, size and timing. This article discusses the things to take into account.


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    Know when to use a dumpster. A dumpster is important when you have garbage and disposable items that are in amounts greater than what your municipality will collect with the regular pick-up rounds. Dumpsters are also ideal for fast removal of garbage when you've little time, such as when moving quickly. Dumpsters can be useful when:
    • Renovating
    • Shifting house
    • Downsizing
    • Cleaning
    • Doing large garden clean-ups
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    Decide whether you want self-service or someone else to clear it all for you. Self-service will be a case of having the dumpster dropped off and collected once full, whereas if you get a dumpster with helpers, they will also clean away your garbage into the dumpster.
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    Ask if the bins are "driveway-friendly". Make sure that they can be placed in your neighborhood without taking up excessive room or blocking others entrance and exit ways.
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    Think about size needed. The dumpster should fit the amount of waste you have to dispose of. In general, bin sizes are:
    • 15 cubic yards ( 12 x 8 x 4)
    • 20 cubic yards (14 x 8 x 5)
    • 40 cubic yards ( 20 long x 8 wide x 8 high)
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    Let your neighbors know. It's not nice having a dumpster turn up without warning, especially if it impinges on your neighbor's parking space or egress.
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    Find out what protection is provided by the dumpster company. Ask if they use bin pads and additional protectors to prevent pavement damage.
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    Know what you can and cannot put into a bin. Virtually everything can go in a bin, except, of course, hazardous material. Also, certain materials like soil and concrete cannot be mixed in with regular garbage. It is important in the latter case to order bins that exclusively hold either soil or concrete — just talk to to your dumpster provider first.
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    Get a permit if you want to place your bin on the street. For that, just call up your local municipality, or check their website.
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    Fill the dumpster properly and don't overfill it. Your garbage needs to be level with the top of the container, so don't let anything stick out of the top — the dumpster company can't transport it otherwise.

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